Car and Driver 1992 William Jeanes - Abstracts

Car and Driver 1992 William Jeanes
A museum with memories. (aircraft carrier USS Intrepid)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
An invitation for you. (One Lap of America automobile race) (Column)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Dodge Colt GL. (includes countervailing views)(Cover Story) (1993 New Cars) (Evaluation)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes, Csaba Csere, Steve Spence, Frank Markus
Dodge Dakota 4x4s. (trucks) (Evaluation)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Eye on the road: there's good news and bad news. (Column)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Ferrari 512TR. (sports car) (Evaluation)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Ford Probe GT. (automobile) (includes countervailing views) (Evaluation)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes, Csaba Csere, John Phillips, Kevin Smith
Ford Ranger XLT. (Evaluation)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Ford Taurus SHO Automatic. (includes countervailing views)(Cover Story) (1993 New Cars) (Evaluation)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes, John Phillips, Frank Markus
Heavenly Volvos and celestial rolls. (journalist Warren Weith) (Column)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Intrepid vs. Intrepid. (automobile Dodge Intrepid and aircraft carrier USS Intrepid)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
It's P.T. Barnum auction time. (auction of miscellaneous automobile collectibles) (Column)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Join our political action committee. (national issues) (Column)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Kindergarten of millionaires. (Formula 1 automobile races in 1991)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Lexus ES300: no more pretenders on the dream team. (includes Counterpoint) (Evaluation)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes, Brock Yates, Steve Spence, Arthur St. Antoine
Long-term Caravan ES AWD. (includes countervailing views) (Evaluation)AutomobilesDon Schroeder, William Jeanes, Brock Yates, Martin Padgett Jr.
Mercedes-Benz 6000SEL. (automobile) (includes countervailing views) (Evaluation)AutomobilesPhil Berg, William Jeanes, Martin Padgett Jr., Steve Spence
Move over, Christie's. (results of an automobile memorabilia auction) (Column)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Myths explained, conspiracies revealed. (little known developments in the automobile industry) (Column)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Observations on the passing parade. (notable recent events in the U.S. automobile industry) (Column)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Of tea leaves and chicken entrails. (automobile industry) (Column)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Olds Achieva SCX. (Evaluation)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes, Martin Padgett Jr., Arthur St. Antoine, Andre Idzikowski
Oldsmobile Achieva SC. (automobile) (includes countervailing views) (Evaluation)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes, John Phillips, Steve Spence, Frank Markus
Play it again, Mohammed. (a trip to Morocco)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Porsche 968. (sports car) (Evaluation)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes, Csaba Csere, Larry Griffin, Steve Spence
Rallies, racers, and a hammered wallet. (1992 One Lap of America race) (Column)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Range Rover County LWB. (Evaluation)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Rave reviews, turkeys, and H. Ross Perot. (DeLorean sports car and other automobile anecdotes) (Column)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Saturn Wagon. (includes countervailing views)(Cover Story) (1993 New Cars) (Evaluation)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes, Martin Padgett Jr., Frank Markus, Andre Idzikowski
Suburban cowboys. (comparison test of six sport-utility vehicles) (includes article on Texas Hill Country) (Evaluation)AutomobilesPhil Berg, William Jeanes
Ten cars in search of a '10.' (sedans in the $30,000 price range) (Evaluation)AutomobilesPhil Berg, William Jeanes
The race has it all. (24 Hours of Le Mans)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Volvo 960. (includes Counterpoint) (Evaluation)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes, Martin Padgett Jr., Arthur St. Antoine, George Spelvin
Why we should save the big three. (U.S. automobile industry) (Column)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
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