Car and Driver 1993 William Jeanes - Abstracts

Car and Driver 1993 William Jeanes
Awful automotive relics. (Cover Story)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Eagle Vision TSi. (Evaluation)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes, Martin Padgett Jr., Kevin Smith, Barry Winfield
Every driver's wish list. (Column)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Eye on the road: the bad old days remembered. (problems with older cars)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
General Motors strikes back. (furor over NBC's fraudulent safety testing of GM trucks) (Column)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Here we go again. (1993 One Lap of America race) (Column)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Long-term Mercedes-Benz 400SE. (35K-mile road test) (Evaluation)AutomobilesDon Schroeder, William Jeanes, Csaba Csere, Martin Padgett Jr.
Mercedes-Benz 300SE. (Evaluation)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Must we be protected? (automobile international trade) (Column)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Publisher's letter. (cars and self-image) (Column)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Roadside attractions. (Cover Story)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Ten best cars. (includes related articles on best and worst automobiles) (Evaluation)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
The Bentley or the Cadillac?AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
The defecting defender: Nigel Mansell wins it, then leaves it. (Formula 1 racing)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
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