Car and Driver 1995 Martin Padgett Jr. - Abstracts

Car and Driver 1995 Martin Padgett Jr.
Acura 2.5TL. (Evaluation)AutomobilesMartin Padgett Jr.
Baja bad boys. (testing five different sport trucks in Baja, Mexico)AutomobilesMartin Padgett Jr.
Dodge Stratus ES.(Evaluation) (Evaluation)AutomobilesMartin Padgett Jr.
Honda Civic.(automobile)(includes related article on the continuously variable transmission)(Evaluation)AutomobilesDon Schroeder, Martin Padgett Jr.
How I became a death-defying 'danger angel.' (joining the Joie Chitwood Chevy Thunder Show)AutomobilesMartin Padgett Jr.
Jaguar XJR. (includes related article) (Evaluation)AutomobilesPhil Berg, Don Schroeder, Martin Padgett Jr., Frank Markus
Jaguar XK8. (automobile)(Cover Story)AutomobilesMartin Padgett Jr.
Lincoln Continental. (includes related article) (Evaluation)AutomobilesMartin Padgett Jr., John Phillips, Steve Spence, Frank Markus
Little red riding hoods. (Acura Integra GS-R and BMW 318ti automobiles)(Evaluation)AutomobilesMartin Padgett Jr.
Long-term BMW M3. (includes product specifications)(includes related article) (Evaluation)AutomobilesMartin Padgett Jr., Larry Webster
Nissan 200SX SE-R. (includes related article) (Evaluation)AutomobilesMartin Padgett Jr.
Of moose and men. (comparison test of the Ford Explorer, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Chevrolet Blazer)(includes related articles)AutomobilesDon Schroeder, Martin Padgett Jr., John Phillips
Penske's rolling circus. (Team Penske's 18-wheel race car transporters)AutomobilesMartin Padgett Jr.
Saab 9000CDE. (Evaluation)AutomobilesMartin Padgett Jr.
Ten best cars. (includes related articles) (Evaluation)AutomobilesPeter Robinson, Don Schroeder, Patrick Bedard, Csaba Csere, Martin Padgett Jr., John Phillips, Kevin Smith, Barry Winfield, Fred M.H. Gregory
Toyota Avalon XL. (includes product specifications)(includes related article) (Evaluation)AutomobilesPhil Berg, Martin Padgett Jr., John Phillips, Frank Markus
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