Car and Driver 1996 Fred M.H. Gregory - Abstracts

Car and Driver 1996 Fred M.H. Gregory
10 best cars: nine great cars and one terrific van. (includes related articles on automobiles)(10 Best)(Evaluation)AutomobilesPhil Berg, Peter Robinson, Patrick Bedard, Csaba Csere, Frank Markus, Steven Cole Smith, Fred M.H. Gregory
Chrysler Town & Country LX AWD. (minivan)(Evaluation)AutomobilesFred M.H. Gregory
Ford Taurus SHO: Ford shifts from Super High Output to most affordable 32-valve V-8.(Evaluation)AutomobilesFred M.H. Gregory
Hyundai Elantra GLS wagon. (station wagon) (includes critical assessments from road-test drivers)(Evaluation)AutomobilesFred M.H. Gregory
Infiniti Q45: this time Infiniti plays it safe with its new flagship.(luxury automobile)(Evaluation)AutomobilesFred M.H. Gregory
Sports-car prognosis: dead and loving it. (sharp decline in sales for sports cars)AutomobilesFred M.H. Gregory
Suzuki X90. (sport-utility vehicle)(includes related articles on features)(Evaluation)AutomobilesMartin Padgett Jr., Steven Cole Smith, Fred M.H. Gregory, Larry Webster
The accidental entrepreneur. (auto-racing mogul Carl Haas)AutomobilesFred M.H. Gregory
Turn left at Dead Cow No.1: the mini sport-utes. (sport-utility vehicles)(Evaluation)AutomobilesFred M.H. Gregory
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