Car and Driver 2004 Dave Vanderwerp - Abstracts

Car and Driver 2004 Dave Vanderwerp
After a million man-hours, Ford cranks out the first hybrid SUV.(Ford Escape Hybrid 4WD)(Product/Service Evaluation)AutomobilesDave Vanderwerp
Buick rendezvous ultra: How a step up in class can also be a step out.(automobiles)AutomobilesDave Vanderwerp
Dodge Dakota: No, actually it doesn't have a Hemi.(automobiles)AutomobilesDave Vanderwerp
Ford's Five Hundred: Ford's attempt to fill some very large shoes.(automobiles)AutomobilesDave Vanderwerp
Volvo V50 T5 AWD: Volvo raises the bar for sporting wagons.(Product/Service Evaluation)AutomobilesDave Vanderwerp
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