Car and Driver 2006 Patrick Bedard - Abstracts

Car and Driver 2006 Patrick Bedard
2007 Dodge Caliber.(compact car)(Product/service evaluation)AutomobilesPatrick Bedard
2007 Jaguar XK: Quick reflexes in an aluminum wrapper.(Product/service evaluation)AutomobilesPatrick Bedard
2007 Toyota Camry hybrid.AutomobilesPatrick Bedard
And the highway bil's big winner is a bicyclists?AutomobilesPatrick Bedard
Buick Lucerne CXS: Behold and tremble! The four-holer Buick returneth.(Product/service evaluation)AutomobilesPatrick Bedard
Comparison test: Rebellious boxes.(Chevrolet HHR Lt, Chrysler PT Cruiser GT, Honda Element EX-P and Scion xB)AutomobilesPatrick Bedard
Lousy mileage? Is it your car, or your foot?AutomobilesPatrick Bedard
When you could carve out a career as a car designer.AutomobilesPatrick Bedard
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