Hospitals 1992 Kevin Lumsdon - Abstracts

Hospitals 1992 Kevin Lumsdon
As hospital drug budgets soar, pharmacy's role is being rewritten. (Special Report)Health care industryKevin Lumsdon
Beyond tech assessment: balancing needs, strategy. (includes related article on technology assessment) (Cover Story)Health care industryKevin Lumsdon, Stanley J. Reiser, Griff T. Ross, Samy Veluchamy
Cancer at the crossroads: what the onset of the biotech generation will mean for hospitals. (Cover Story)Health care industryKevin Lumsdon
Clinical contracting: CEOs see demand for specialized skills, advanced services. (Special report)Health care industryKevin Lumsdon
Execs say Horizon proves that health care problems require local solutions. (Horizon Healthcare)(vertically integrated delivery systems) (Cover Story)Health care industryKevin Lumsdon
Hospitals move toward image management, but pace is slow. (picture archiving and communications systems)Health care industryKevin Lumsdon
Hospitals recognize link between art and healing. (includes related article on use of television in hospitals)Health care industryKevin Lumsdon
Kansas City system looks to financing as final piece of integration puzzle. (vertically integrated health care systems) (Cover Story)Health care industryKevin Lumsdon
Laurel system strives to improve region's health status by emphasizing continuum of care. (vertically integrated regional delivery systems) (Cover Story)Health care industryKevin Lumsdon
Looking for safer needle devices: experts say the task is complex. (Cover Story)Health care industryKevin Lumsdon
Medical imaging: hospitals give renewed attention to service, costs, flow of images. (includes related articles)Health care industryRob Hard, Kevin Lumsdon
Moving target: hospitals take careful steps in acquiring PET. (positron emission tomography)Health care industryKevin Lumsdon
New surgical technologies reshape hospital strategies. (endosurgery) (Cover Story)Health care industryKevin Lumsdon
Observers see Clinton moving quickly on health care reform. (includes a related article on Clinton's health care reform proposal)Health care industryMark Hagland, Terese Hudson, Kevin Lumsdon
Sharp HealthCare integrates services to link patients to appropriate level of care. (vertically integrated regional delivery systems)Health care industryKevin Lumsdon
Smart moves: good management, not technology, will steer movement to outpatient care.Health care industryKevin Lumsdon
Telecommunications: hospitals explore new electronic links to reduce costs, increase access.Health care industryKevin Lumsdon
TQM shifts hospital-vendor focus to total value, productivity. (total quality management, part 3)Health care industryKevin Lumsdon
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