Hospitals 1993 Mark M. Hagland - Abstracts

Hospitals 1993 Mark M. Hagland
A greener image; hospitals take on environmental challenges of the '90s. (Cover Story)Health care industryMark M. Hagland
AHCPR chief cites achievements after three years. (Agency for Health Care Policy and Research; J. Jarrett Clinton)Health care industryMark M. Hagland
Dutch experts discuss access, bioethical issues. (Dutch medical ethicists, led by Herman H. van der Kloot Meijburg, visit the United States)Health care industryMark M. Hagland
Fast forward into the future: multihospital systems look toward the challenges and opportunities of a post-reform delivery system. (Cover Story)Health care industryMark M. Hagland, Frank Cerne
Military MDs pilot regional clinical system. (computerized patient record system at Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu, HI)Health care industryMark M. Hagland
Physician leader rallies support for information network. (physician Charles A. Gordon)(clinical information network used by Lehigh Valley Hospital, Allentown, PA) (Cover Story)Health care industryMark M. Hagland
Physicians using computers show lower resource utilization. (shorter hospital stays, lower drug charges, etc. found in hospital record automation program at Wishard Hospital in Indianapolis, IN) (Cover Story)Health care industryMark M. Hagland
Pioneering protocols: hospitals test the computer's use in patient care decisions. (computerized hospital records and protocols) (Cover Story)Health care industryKevin Lumsdon, Mark M. Hagland
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