Life 1993 Claudia Glenn Dowling - Abstracts

Life 1993 Claudia Glenn Dowling
A most unearthly place. (Antarctica)General interestClaudia Glenn Dowling, Galen Rowell
Still alive. (plane crash survivors)General interestClaudia Glenn Dowling
The demobilization of Colin Powell. (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to retire)General interestClaudia Glenn Dowling, David Hume Kennerly
The great white chief. (Randy Borman, white chief of a Cofan Indian village)General interestClaudia Glenn Dowling, Maggie Steber
The last days of Shangri-La.General interestLynn Johnson, Claudia Glenn Dowling
When mother needs mothering. (caring for an aging parent)General interestClaudia Glenn Dowling, Dana Fineman
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