Nutrition Reviews 1996 George Wolf - Abstracts

Nutrition Reviews 1996 George Wolf
Adipocyte differentiation is regulated by a prostaglandin liganded to the nuclear peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor.Food/cooking/nutritionGeorge Wolf
Function of the bone protein osteocalcin: definitive evidence.Food/cooking/nutritionGeorge Wolf
High-fat, high-cholesterol diet raises plasma HDL cholesterol: studies on the mechanism of this effect.Food/cooking/nutritionGeorge Wolf
Leptin: the weight-reducing plasma protein encoded by the obese gene.Food/cooking/nutritionGeorge Wolf
Nutritional and hormonal regulation of fatty acid synthase.Food/cooking/nutritionGeorge Wolf
The mechanism of uptake of ascorbic acid into osteoblasts and leukocytes.Food/cooking/nutritionGeorge Wolf
The regulation of retinoic acid formation.(Brief Critical Reviews)Food/cooking/nutritionGeorge Wolf
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