Road & Track 1993 Dennis Simanaitis - Abstracts

Road & Track 1993 Dennis Simanaitis
1994 Volkswagen Golf III GL. (includes related article on the Volkswagen Jetta and related information on the Honda Civic Si Hatchback and on the Ford Escort GT) (Evaluation)AutomobilesDennis Simanaitis
Along the route of the aggressive bunny; not your usual Paris/Monaco journey.AutomobilesDennis Simanaitis
An electrifying lap of Monaco. (electric cars)AutomobilesDennis Simanaitis
A Stirling time was had by all. (1993 Copperstate 1,000)AutomobilesDennis Simanaitis
Autozam AZ-1. (First Drive)AutomobilesDennis Simanaitis
Bentley Brooklands. (First Drive) (Evaluation)AutomobilesDennis Simanaitis
BMW 740i. (includes related article on the competition from Audi and Mercedes-Benz) (Evaluation)AutomobilesDennis Simanaitis
Ford Ecostar Electric. (First Drive)AutomobilesDennis Simanaitis
Hydrogen is abundant and clean, but is it tomorrow's motor fuel? (Technology Update)AutomobilesDennis Simanaitis
New for '94. (1994 automobiles)(includes related information and articles) (Buyers Guide)AutomobilesDennis Simanaitis, Richard Homan
Nissan Figaro: a car with as much character as houses.AutomobilesDennis Simanaitis
Oxygenated gasolines. (Technology Update)AutomobilesDennis Simanaitis
Rolls-Royce and Bentley for 1994. (First Drive) (Evaluation)AutomobilesDennis Simanaitis
Sports car.AutomobilesThos L. Bryant, Douglas Kott, Andrew Bornhop, Joe Rusz, Dennis Simanaitis, Sam Mitani, Richard Homan, Kim Reynolds
Synthetic oils: super lubes or super overkill?AutomobilesDennis Simanaitis
Volvo ECC: a brief drive into the turbine/electric future.AutomobilesDennis Simanaitis
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