Road & Track 1996 Paul Frere - Abstracts

Road & Track 1996 Paul Frere
Driving Renault Sport's Spiders. (automobiles)(Evaluation)AutomobilesPaul Frere
Entirely new Volkswagen Passat.AutomobilesPaul Frere
Ferrari 456 GTA. (automobile)(Evaluation)AutomobilesPaul Frere
Ferrari 550 Maranello.AutomobilesPaul Frere
Lotus Elise.(Evaluation)AutomobilesPaul Frere
Lotus Esprit V-8: introduction and technical analysis.(Evaluation)AutomobilesPaul Frere
Renault Megane: a five-car family.(Ampersand)(Evaluation)AutomobilesPaul Frere
Sneak preview '97 ... and beyond. (automobiles)(includes related articles on Japanese cars and U.S. trucks and cars)AutomobilesKen Zino, Richard Homan, Paul Frere, Jack Yamaguchi
Three cheers - and six gears - for BMW's sequential gearbox. (new transmission system for sports cars)AutomobilesPaul Frere
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