Road & Track 1996 Richard Homan - Abstracts

Road & Track 1996 Richard Homan
1997 BMW 540i: Bavaria builds a great GT sedan.(Evaluation)AutomobilesRichard Homan
1997 Cadillac Catera. (automobile)(includes specifications, test notes and related information on Mazda Millenia S and Mercedes-Benz C280)(Evaluation)AutomobilesRichard Homan
1997 Mitsubishi Diamente & Mirage.AutomobilesRichard Homan
BMW 740iL: a lesson in automotive reality.(Evaluation)AutomobilesRichard Homan
BMW 750iL: once upon a time in a magical V-12 sedan.(First Drive)(Evaluation)AutomobilesRichard Homan
New for '97 - all the news that's fit to drive: your complete guide to over 180 new cars available in the U.S.(Directory)AutomobilesRichard Homan
Sneak preview '97 ... and beyond. (automobiles)(includes related articles on Japanese cars and U.S. trucks and cars)AutomobilesKen Zino, Richard Homan, Paul Frere, Jack Yamaguchi
Straman Ferrari 456 Spyder.AutomobilesRichard Homan
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