Road & Track 1998 Matt DeLorenzo - Abstracts

Road & Track 1998 Matt DeLorenzo
1999 Chevrolet Corvette Hardtop: stiffer, lighter, yes - but quicker? Maybe next time. (sports car)(Evaluation)AutomobilesMatt DeLorenzo
1999 Mercury Cougar. (includes related article on Cougar's comparison with Honda Accord EX Coupe and Hyundai Tiburon FX)(Evaluation)AutomobilesMatt DeLorenzo
1999 Mitsubishi Galant ES. (includes related article on the Galant GTZ automobile)(Evaluation)AutomobilesMatt DeLorenzo
A brand manager for the rest of us. (brand management at General Motors)AutomobilesMatt DeLorenzo
Buick Regal S and Riviera Wildcat: two supercharged concept cars are just the kick this division needs. (General Motor Corp's 'turbocharging division)(Evaluation)AutomobilesMatt DeLorenzo
Cadillac gambles on its future.AutomobilesMatt DeLorenzo
Car? Truck? It's all a blur. (manufacture of hybrid prototypes of sport utility vehicles as a response to criticisms against size and inefficiency)(Letter from Detroit)(Column)AutomobilesMatt DeLorenzo
Chrysler 300M. (includes related articles on 300M's comparison with Audi A6 Quattro, Pontiac Grand Prix GTP and LHS)(Evaluation)AutomobilesMatt DeLorenzo
Dodge Viper GTS-R: the latest American hero. (racing car)(Evaluation)AutomobilesMatt DeLorenzo
Mercedes-Benz CLK Cabriolet.(Evaluation)AutomobilesMatt DeLorenzo
Oldsmobile Intrigue GLS 3.5: quiet in the set please.(Evaluation)AutomobilesMatt DeLorenzo
Pontiac Grand Am GT: earning the Gran Turismo badge. (automobile)(Evaluation)AutomobilesMatt DeLorenzo
Porsche in the Motor City? (Porsche Engineering Services Inc of Detroit, Michigan)AutomobilesMatt DeLorenzo
The Pronto Cruizer. (concept car)(Column)AutomobilesMatt DeLorenzo
The race is on for safety. (safety measures in automobile racing)AutomobilesMatt DeLorenzo
Top-down touring, European style!(comparison of European roadsters BMW M, Lotus Elise, Mercedes-Benz SLK230, Porsche Boxter and Renault Sport Spider)(Evaluation)AutomobilesDouglas Kott, Dennis Simanaitis, Sam Mitani, Matt DeLorenzo, Andrew Bornhop
Viva Las Vegas!(the Specialty Equipment Market Association show)(Column)(Abstract)AutomobilesMatt DeLorenzo
Volkswagen New Beetle. (includes related article on a European perspective on the new car)(Product Announcement)(Evaluation)AutomobilesMatt DeLorenzo
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