Road & Track 1999 Andrew Bornhop - Abstracts

Road & Track 1999 Andrew Bornhop
0-100-0: the best of Britain.(UK's finest automobiles according to the 0-100 mph-0 test)(Cover Story)AutomobilesAndrew Bornhop
1946 Saab 92001: the shape of things to come.(vintage car)(Product Information)(Evaluation)AutomobilesAndrew Bornhop
2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS.(Evaluation)AutomobilesAndrew Bornhop
2000 Lincoln LS.(automobile)(Evaluation)AutomobilesAndrew Bornhop
Ampersand Porsche 911 Turbo: 420 bhp, all-wheel drive.AutomobilesAndrew Bornhop
Arie Luyendyk.(About the Sport)(interview with soon-to-retire Indianapolis Racing League driver)(Interview)AutomobilesAndrew Bornhop
BMW 3 Series coupes.(First Drive)(automobile)(Product Information)(Evaluation)AutomobilesAndrew Bornhop
BMW 5401 sport wagon.AutomobilesAndrew Bornhop
Bottle rocket: Rod Millen turns to the bottle to break the 10-minute barrier at Pikes Peak.(race car driver to use nitrous oxide to boost engine power)AutomobilesAndrew Bornhop
Comptech Acura NSX.(Over the Top!)(Comptech USA's modified Honda-made automobile model)(Product Information)(Evaluation)AutomobilesAndrew Bornhop
IRL: King Kenny.(About the Sport)(Indy Racing League champion Kenneth Brack)AutomobilesAndrew Bornhop
Like the watch, our Miata kept on ticking.(Mazda Miata)(Evaluation)AutomobilesDouglas Kott, Andrew Bornhop
Motor city madness: the Charger and T-Bird return!(Chrysler Charger and Ford Thunderbird automobiles)AutomobilesAndrew Bornhop, Matt DeLorenzo
Saab 9-5 wagon.AutomobilesAndrew Bornhop
Subaru Impreza 22B-STi.(Evaluation)AutomobilesAndrew Bornhop
Volkawagen Golf & Jetta: the fourth generation springs forth with higher quality.(First Drive)(Volkswagenwerk AG automobiles)(Evaluation)AutomobilesAndrew Bornhop
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