American Drama - Abstracts

American Drama
An interview with Caridad Svich.(Interview)Literature/writingJenckes, Norma
An interview with Jose Rivera.(Interview)Literature/writingJenckes, Norma
David Mamet's "A Wasted Weekend".(episode for the television program Hill Street Blues)Literature/writingRyan, Steven
Differing dramatic dynamics in the stage and screen versions of 'Glengarry Glen Ross'.Literature/writingLublin, Robert I.
Famous/last words: the disruptive rhetoric of historico-narrative 'finality' in Suzan-Lori Parks' 'The America Play'.Literature/writingBullock, Kurt
'Marisol,' angels, and apocalyptic migrations.Literature/writingRossini, Jon D.
"More stories than the Devil got sinners": Troy's stories in August Wilson's 'Fences'.(Critical Essay)Literature/writingBlumenthal, Anna S.
Reworking the frontier captivity narratrive: William Vaughn Moody's 'The Great Divide'.(Critical Essay)Literature/writingWattenberg, Richard
Staging a staged crisis in masculinity: race and masculinity in 'Six Degrees of Separation'.(Critical Essay)Literature/writingGillian, Jennifer
Ten years of 'American Drama'.Literature/writingJenckes, Norma
Theater as persuasion: the plays of Wallace Shawn.Literature/writingPost, Robert M.
The metaphysics of Tennessee Williams.Literature/writingSiegel, Robert
War of the Wests: Saroyan's dramatic landscape.(William Saroyan)(Critical Essay)Literature/writingRadavich, David
"You are always under attack": whiteness as law and terror in August Wilson's twentieth-century cycle of plays.Literature/writingUsekes, Cigdem
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