Annual Review of Plant Biology - Abstracts

Annual Review of Plant Biology
Abscisic acid biosynthesis and catabolism.Science and technologyNambara, Eiji, Marion-Poll, Annie
Alternative NAD (P) H dehydrogenases of plant mitochondria.Science and technologyRasmusson, Allan G., Elthon, Thomas E., Soole, Kathleen L.
An unforseen voyage to the world of phytochromes.Science and technologyFuruya, Masaki
Apomixis: a developmental perspective.Science and technologyKoltunow, Ana M., Grossiklaus, Ueli
Bioinformatics and its applications in plant biology.Science and technologyDong Xu, Seung Yon Rhee, Dickerson, Julie
Biology and biochemistry of glucosinolates.Science and technologyGershenzon, Jonathan, Halkier, Barbara Ann
Biology of chromatin dynamics.Science and technologyFischer, Robert L., Tzung-Fu Hsieh
Biosynthesis and accumulation of sterols.Science and technologyBenveniste, Pierre
Biosynthesis and metabolism of brassinosteroids.Science and technologyFujioka, Shozo, Yokotam Takao
Calcium oxalate in plants: Formation and function.Science and technologyFranceschi, Vincent R., Nakata, Paul A.
Chlorophyll degradation during senescence.Science and technologyHortensteiner, S.
Chloroplast movement.Science and technologyWada, Masamitsu, Kagawa, Takatoshi, Sato, Yoshikatsu
CO2 concentrating mechanisms in algae: Mechanisms, environmental modulation, and evolution.Science and technologyRaven, John A., Beardall, John, Giordano, Mario
Control of the actin cytoskeleton in plant cell growth.Science and technologyHussey, Patrick J., Ketelaar, Tijs, Deeks, Michael J.
Cryptochrome structure and signal transduction.Science and technologyLin, Chentoao, Shalitin, Dror
Cytokinesis in higher plants.Science and technologyJurgens, Gerd
Cytokinins: Activity, biosynthesis, and translocation.Science and technologySakakibara, Hitoshi
Decoding Ca (super 2+) signals through plant protein kinases.Science and technologyHarper, Jeffrey F., Breton, Ghislain, Harmon, Alice
DNA methylation and epigenetics.Science and technologyBender, Judith
Endocytotic cycling of PM proteins.Science and technologyBandyopadhyay, Anindita, Murphy, Angus S., Holstein, Susanne E., Peer, Wendy A.
Evolution of flavors and scents.Science and technologyGang, David R.
From bacterial glycogen to starch: understanding the biogenesis of the plant starch granule.Science and technologyBall, Steven G., Morell, Matthew K.
Functional genomics of P450s.Science and technologySchuler, Mary A., Werck-Reichhart, Daniele
Genetic regulation of time to flower in Arabidopsis thaliana.Science and technologyKomeda, Yoshibumi
Genetics and biochemistry of seed flavonoids.Science and technologyLepiniec, Loic, Debeaujon, Isabelle, Routaboul, Jean-Marc, Baudry, Antoine, Pourcel, Lucille, Nesi, Nathalie, Caboche, Michel
Genetics of meiotic prophase I in plants.Science and technologyHong Ma, Hamant, Olivier, Cande, W. Zacheus
Gibberellins and flowering of grasses and cereals: prizing open the lid of the "Florigen" black box.Science and technologyKing, Rod W., Evans, Lloyd T.
Global studies of cell type-specific gene expression in plants.Science and technologyGalbraith, David W., Birnbaum, Kenneth
Glycosyltransferases of lipophilic small molecules.Science and technologyPoppenberger, Brigitte, Bowles, Dianna, Eng-Kiat Lim, Vaistij, Fabian E.
How do cells know that they want to be when they grow up? Lessons from epidermal patterning in Arabidopsis.Science and technologyLarkin, John C., Brown, Matt L., Schiefelbein, John
How do crop plants tolerate acid soils? Mechanisms of aluminum tolerance and phosphorous efficiency.Science and technologyKochian, Leon V., Hoekenga, Owen A., Pineros, Miguel A.
Integrative plant biology: Role of phloem long-distance macromolecular trafficking.Science and technologyLough, Tony J., Lucas, William J.
Iron transport and signaling in plants.Science and technologyCurie, Catherine, Briat, Jean-Francois
Laser microdissection of plant tissue: What you see is what you get.Science and technologyNelson, Timothy, Tausta, S. Lori, Gandotra, Neeru, Tie Liu
Leaf hydraulics.Science and technologySack, Lawren, Holbrook, N. Michele
Lignin biosynthesis.Science and technologyRalph, John, Boerjan, Wout, Baucher, Marie
Mechanism of leaf-shape determination.Science and technologyTsukaya, Hirokazu
Membrane-bound diiron carboxylate proteins.Science and technologyBerthold, Deborah A., Stenmark, Pal
Metabolic channeling in plants.Science and technologyWinkel, Brenda S.J.
Metabolomics in systems biology.Science and technologyWeckwerth, Wolfram
MicroRNAs and their regulatory roles in plants.Science and technologyBartel, David P., Jones-Rhoades, Matthew W., Bartel, Bonnie
Microtubule dynamics and organization in the plant cortical array.Science and technologyEhrhardt, David W., Shaw, Sidney L.
Molecular genetic analyses of microsporogenesis and microgametogenesis in flowering plants.Science and technologyHong Ma
Molecular mechanism of gibberellin signaling in plants.Science and technologySun, Tai-ping, Gubler, Frank
Molecular mechanisms and regulation of K(super +1) transport in higher plants.Science and technologyVery, Anne-Alienor, Sentenac, Herve
Molecular physiology of legume seed development.Science and technologyWeber, Hans, Borisjuk, Ljudmilla, Wobus, Ulrich
Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis and molybdenum enzymes.Science and technologyMendel, Ralf R., Schwarz, Gunter
Mosses as model systems for the study of metabolism and development.Science and technologyCove, David, Bezanilla, Magdalena, Harries, Phillip, Quatrano, Ralph
Naturally occurring genetic variation in Arabidopsis thaliana.Science and technologyKoornneef, Maarten, Alonso-Blanco, Carlos, Vreugdenhil, Dick
New insights to the function of phytopathogenic bacterial type III effectors in plants.Science and technologyMudgett, Mary Beth
Nitric oxide: the versatility of an extensive signal molecule.Science and technologyLamattina, Lorenzo, Garcia-Mata, Carlos, Graziano, Magdaleno, Pagnussat, Gabriela
Peptide hormones in plants.Science and technologyMatsubayashi, Yoshikatsu, Sakagami, Youji
Perception and signal transduction of cytokinins.Science and technologyKakimoto, Tatsuo
Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase: a new era of structural biology.Science and technologyIzui, Katsura, Matsumura, Hiroyoshi, Furumoto, Tsuyoshi, Kai, Yasushi
Phospholipid-based signaling in plants.Science and technologyMeijer, Harold J.G., Munnik, Teun
Photosynthesis of overwintering evergreen plants.Science and technologyOquist, Gunnar, Huner, Norman P.A.
Phytochrome structure and signaling mechanisms.Science and technologyRockwell, Nathan C., Yi-Shin Su, Lagarias, J. Clark
Phytoestrogens.Science and technologyDixon, Richard A.
Phytoremediation.Science and technologyPilon-Smits, Elizabeth
Plant peroxiredoxins.Science and technologyDietz, Karl-Josef
Plant-specific calmodulin-binding proteins.Science and technologyBouche, Nicolas, Yellin, Ayelet, Snedden, Wayne A., Fromm, Hillel
Plant uncoupling mitochondrial proteins.Science and technologyVercesi, Anibal Eugenio, Borecky, Jiri, Maia, Ivan de Godoy, Arruda, Paul, Cuccovia, Iolanda Midea, Chaimovich, Hernan
Plastid-to-nucleus retrograde signaling.Science and technologyChory, Joanne, Nott, Ajit, Hou-Sung Jung, Shai Koussevitzky
Plastid transformation in higher plants.Science and technologyMaliga, Pal
Protein degradation machineries in plastids.Science and technologySakamoto, Wataru
Protein phosphatases in plants.Science and technologyLuan, Sheng
Protein splicing elements and plants: From transgene containment to protein purification.Science and technologyEvans, Thomas C., Jr., Ming-Qun Xu, Pradhan, Sriharsa
Pyrimidine and purine biosynthesis and degradation in plants.Science and technologyZrenner, Rita, Sonnewald, Uwe, Stitt, Mark, Boldt, Ralf
Quantitative fluorescence microscopy: From art to science.Science and technologyFricker, Mark, Runions, John, Moore, Ian
Reactive oxygen species: metabolism, oxidative stress and signal transduction.Science and technologyHirt, Heribert, Apel, Klaus
Redox regulation: A broadening horizon.Science and technologyBuchanan, Bob B., Balmer, Yves
Remembering winter: Toward a molecular understanding of vernalization.Science and technologyAmasino, Richard M., Sibum Sung
Remodeling the cytoskeleton for growth and form: an overview with some new views.Science and technologyWasteneys, Geoffrey O., Galway, Moira E.
Responding to color: The regulation of complementary chromatic adaptation.Science and technologyKehoe, David M., Gutu, Andrian
Rhamnogalacturonan II: structure and function of a borate cross-linked cell wall pectic polysaccharide.Science and technologyO'Neill, Malcolm A., Ishii, Tadashi, Albersheim, Peter, Darvill, Alan G.
Rising atmospheric carbon dioxide: plants FACE the future.Science and technologyLong, Stephen P., Ainsworth, Elizabeth A., Rogers, Alistair, Ort, Donald R.
Seasonal control of tuberization in potato: Conserved elements with the flowering response.Science and technologyPrat, Salome, Rodriguez-Falcon, Mariana, Bou, Jordi
Self-incompatibility in plants.Science and technologyIsogai, Akira, Takayama, Seiji
Shoot branching.Science and technologyLeyser, Ottoline, McSteen, Paula
Single-cell C (sub 4) photosynthesis versus the dual-cell (kranz) paradigm.Science and technologyFranceschi, Vincent R., Edwards, Gerald E., Voznesenskaya, Elena V.
Single-nucleotide mutations for plant functional genomics.Science and technologyHenikoff, Steven, Comai, Luca
Solute transporters of the plastid envelope membrane.Science and technologyWeber, Andreas P.M., Schwacke, Rainer, Flugge, Ulf-Ingo
Starch degradation.Science and technologySmith, Steven M., Smith, Alison M., Zeeman, Samuel C.
Structure and function of photosystems I and II.Science and technologyNelson, Nathan, Yocum, Charles F.
Structure of linkage disequilibrium in plants.Science and technologyFlint-Garcia, Sherry A., Thornsberry, Jeffry M., Buckler, Edward S., IV
Sugar sensing and signaling in plants: Conserved and novel mechanisms.Science and technologySheen, Jen, Rolland, Filip, Baena-Gonzalez, Elena
Symbioses of grasses with seedborne fungal endophytes.Science and technologySpiering, Martin J., Schardl, Christopher L., Leuchtmann, Adrian
The COP signalosome: regulating plant development through the control of proteolysis.Science and technologySerino, Giovanna, Deng, Xing-Wang
The generation of Ca (super 2+) signals in plants .Science and technologyHetherington, Alistair M., Brownlee, Colin
The genetics and biochemistry of floral pigments.Science and technologyGrotewold, Erich
The plant cell cycle.Science and technologyMurray, James A.H., Dewitte, Walter
The role of root exudates in rhizosphere interactions with plants and other organisms.Science and technologyGilroy, Simon, Bais, Harsh P., Vivanco, Jorge M., Weir, Tiffany L., Perry, Laura G.
The ubiquitin 26S proteasome proteolytic pathway.Science and technologySmalle, Jan, Vierstra, Richard D.
Transfer cells: cells specialized for a special purpose.Science and technologyOffler, Christina E., McCurdy, David W., Patrick, John W., Talbot, Mark J.
Transport mechanisms for organic forms of carbon and nitrogen between source and sink.Science and technologyLalonde, Sylvie, Frommer, Wolf B.
Understanding the functions of plant disease resistance proteins.Science and technologyMArtin, Gregory B., Bogdanove, Adam J, Sessa, Guido
VIGS vectors for gene silencing: many targets, many tools.Science and technologyRobertson, Domonique
Visualizing chromosome structure/organization.Science and technologyWatanabe, Koichi, Lam, Eric, Kato, Naohiro
Vitamin synthesis in plants: Tocopherols and carotenoids.Science and technologyPogson, Barry J., DellaPenna, Dean
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