Bankruptcy Developments Journal 1992 - Abstracts

Bankruptcy Developments Journal 1992
American recognition of international insolvency proceedings: deciphering section 304(c).LawRimel, Melissa S.
Application of the "feasibility" test under section 362(d)(2): did Timbers really change anything?LawO'Connor, Daniel A.
Assignment of rents: the creditor's uncertain path to obtaining rents generated from the debtor's property in bankruptcy.LawCrowley, Cameron S.
Bankruptcy trustees' compensation: an issue of court control.LawFlaccus, Janet A.
Chapter 11 financial reporting rules for debtors: the impact on creditors, shareholders, new investors, and the bar.LawFriedman, Jack
Claims trafficking in Chapter 11 - has the pendulum swung too far?LawConti, Joy Flowers, Kozlowski, Raymond F., Jr., Ferleger, Leonard S.
Game theory and bankruptcy reorganizations.LawCarlson, David Gray
Individual consumer "Chapter 20" cases after Johnson: an introduction to nonbusiness serial filings under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code. (Johnson v. Home State Bank)LawColeman, Lex A.
"Insured vs. insured" exclusions in director and officer liability insurance policies: is coverage available when Chapter 11 trustees and debtors-in-possession sue former directors and officers?LawPalmore, Melanie K.
Postconfirmation modification of Chapter 13 plans: a sheep in wolf's clothing.LawDeffebach, Harry L.
Providing adequate assurance for utilities under section 366.LawAnderson, Cheryl F.
Single-asset real estate cases and the good faith requirement: why reluctance to ask whether a case belongs in bankruptcy may lead to the incorrect result.LawKatz, Brian S.
The dischargeability of CERCLA cleanup costs incurred after bankruptcy.LawBerkery, John P.
The parameters of the non-plan liquidating Chapter Eleven: refining the Lionel standard.LawBodoh, William T., Kennedy, John W., Mulligan, Joseph P.
Use of United States bankruptcy law in multinational insolvencies: the Axona litigation - issues, tactics, and implications for the future.LawGoodman, Henry Lewis, Friedman, Mark P., Schrag, William H.
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