Bankruptcy Developments Journal 1995 - Abstracts

Bankruptcy Developments Journal 1995
A day late and a dollar unsecured? (lien stripping)(Case Note)LawStrickland, Christopher S.
A debtor's right to tithe in bankruptcy under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.LawDuclos, Michael M.
Clueless on classification: toward removing artificial limits on Chapter 11 claim classification.LawMarkell, Bruce A.
Equitable standards of excusable neglect: a critical analysis of Pioneer Investment Services Co. v. Brunswick Associates Limited Partnership.(Case Note)LawHarrill, Beth Anne
Far-reaching changes: the future expansion of personal jurisdiction over foreign defendants under the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure.LawSilberman, Michael W.
Fiscal distress and politics: the bankruptcy filing of Bridgeport as a case study in reclaiming local sovereignty. (Connecticut)LawBrown, Dorothy A.
Gambling and the bankruptcy discharge: an historical exegesis and case survey.LawKennedy, David S., Bailey, James E., III
Peace in the war between federal antitrust notification and bankruptcy asset sales? A survey of the reformed s. 363(b)(2)(B).LawBernstein, Janet
Protecting non-ERISA pension funds from the reach of creditors in bankruptcy.(Case Note)LawSchiff, Carla Michele
Protection of the "innocent" initial transferee of an avoidable transfer: an application of the plain meaning rule requiring use of judicial discretion.LawAverch, Craig H.
Punitive damages - the dischargeability debate continues. (in bankruptcy)LawLempert, Nina
The new value exception: a plea for modification or elimination. (to the absolute priority bankruptcy rule)LawCraig, Michelle
The treatment of environmental matters in bankruptcy cases.LawSpracker, Stanley M., Barnette, James D.
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