Bankruptcy Developments Journal 1996 - Abstracts

Bankruptcy Developments Journal 1996
Abrogating sovereign immunity pursuant to its Bankruptcy Clause power: Congress went too far!(Case Note)LawMiller, Joseph E., III
A case for the use of a broad court equity power to facilitate Chapter 11 reorganization.LawLeepson, Brian
Article III and Title 11: a constitutional collision.(case or controversy principle)LawAvery, Ralph E.
Blinded by the debtor's headlights: Deer Park's liquidation of United States V. Energy Resources.LawOrrell-Jones, Richard
Car wars: valuation standards in Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.LawCarlson, David Gray
Collateral estoppel in section 523(c) dischargeability proceedings: when is a default judgement actually litigated?LawDonald, Bernice B., Cooper, Kenneth J.
Directors and officers insurance proceeds in bankruptcy: the impact on an estate and its claimants.LawOng, George
Flying at risk: how should bankruptcy interact with aviation safety enforcement?LawClark, Kenneth A.
Future electric utility bankruptcies: are they on the horizon and what can we learn from Public Service Co. of New Hampshire's experience?LawLomax, John F., Jr.
Handling priority rules conflicts in international bankruptcy: assessing the International Bar Association's Concordat.(Case Note)LawLondot, John K.
Industry-wide effects of corporate bankruptcy announcements.LawJayaraman, Narayanan, Makhija, Anil K., Ferris, Stephen P., Lawless, Robert M.
Is there a claim for damages from the rejection of a collective bargaining agreement under Section 1113 of the Bankruptcy Code?LawBaxter, Michael St. Patrick
Public values and the Bankruptcy Code.LawCuevas, Carlos J.
Stock repurchase agreements in bankruptcy: a tale of state law rights discarded.(Delaware and New York)LawDunne, Dennis F.
Surrendering collateral under section 1329: can the debtor have her cake and eat it too?LawCartee, David S.
The 1111(b)(2) election: a primer. (undersecured creditors in bankruptcy)LawHaydon, Steven R., Owens, Steven R., Salerno, Thomas J., Hansen, Craig D.
The dischargeability of marital obligations: three justifications for the repeal of s. 523(a)(15). (Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1994)LawRothenberg, Brian P.
The extraterritoriality of the Bankruptcy Code: will the borders contain the code?LawHarrison, Suzanne
The good faith fable of 11 U.S.C. s. 707(a): how bankruptcy courts have invented a good faith filing requirement for Chapter 7 debtors.LawKimlinger, Katie Thein, Wassweiler, William P.
The preservation and prosecution of avoidance actions post-confirmation.LawVines, C. Wesley, Teofan, Vernon O.
Toward regularizing appealability in bankruptcy.LawHennigan, John P., Jr.
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