Bankruptcy Developments Journal 1997 - Abstracts

Bankruptcy Developments Journal 1997
Bankruptcy for gamblers: the questions of fraudulent intent, dischargeability, and remedial policy in credit card cash advance cases.LawDepperschmidt, Thomas O., Kratzke, Nancy Hisey
Crystallizing the Intellectual Property Licenses in Bankruptcy Act: a proposed solution to achieve Congress's intent.LawMusone, John P.
How United States v. Noland prohibits the disallowance of punitive damages claims in chapter 11.LawGrant, Thomas
It's all fun and games until somebody declares bankruptcy: a debtor's right to season ticket holder status.LawBaker, Susannah L.
National Bankruptcy Review Commission tax recommendations: individual debtors, priorities, and discharge.LawWilliams, Jack F.
Painting a self-portrait: a look at the composition and style of the bankruptcy bench.LawHumphries, Stacy Kleiner, Munden, Robert L.R.
Preserving the benefit of the bargain: the equitable result. (cure requirement for executory contracts in bankruptcy proceedings)LawWinter, William M.
Putting a limit on unlimited creditors' committee liability.LawBlanc, Robert S.
Rake's progress: cure and reinstatement of secured claims in bankruptcy reorganization.LawCarlson, David Gray
Seeking predictability in bankruptcy: an alternative to judicial recharacterization in structured financing.LawBjork, Jeffrey E.
The arsenal of sanctioning powers at the Bankruptcy Court's disposal.LawCary, Kimberli A.
The economic case for judicial deference to break-up fee agreements in bankruptcy. (fees paid by seller if transaction fails)LawHebbeln, Mark F.
The new European convention on international insolvency.LawSchollmeyer, Eberhard
The only thought is in the name.(Case Note)LawGuynn, Mary O.
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