Bankruptcy Developments Journal 1998 - Abstracts

Bankruptcy Developments Journal 1998
Community associations and bankruptcy: why postpetition assessments should not be dischargeable.LawRicotta, Alfred Q.
Covering the "security blanket": regulating bankruptcy claims and claim-participations trading under the federal securities laws.LawDonegan, Thomas
Encouraging creditor participation: integrating the allowance of administrative expenses with the common fund theory.LawStone, Edward A.
How fresh a start? What are "household goods" for purposes of Section 522(f)(1)(b)(i) lien avoidance?LawHillinger, Michael G.
In defense of recoupment: why "setoff" of prepetition utility deposits against prepetition debt is not subject to the automatic stay.LawSullivan, Gary E.
In the aftermath of Seminole: waiver of sovereign immunity under Section 106(b) of the Bankruptcy Code.(Case Note)LawKelly, Katrina A.
National Bankruptcy Review Commission tax recommendations: notice, jurisdiction, and corporate debtors.LawWilliams, Jack F.
Now you see it, now you don't: the impact of RFRA's invalidation on religious tithes in bankruptcy. (Religious Freedom Restoration Act)LawBelaga, Julianne
Partial dischargeability of property in a divorce settlement: a call for an equitable remedy under Section 523(a)(15) of the Bankruptcy Code.LawSmith, Elisa A.
Provisions for access to chapter 9 bankruptcy: their flaws and the inadequacy of past reforms.LawSmith, Christopher
Show me the money: the debate over creditors' postpetition attorneys' fees.LawGeoffroy, Ray
The trustee as a bona fide purchaser of real property in bankruptcy: making sense of Section 544(a)(3).(Bankruptcy Code)LawGumbert, Gregg C.
Undoing privatization? Russian bankruptcy law and privatization.LawHart, Craig A.
Using unfiled dischargeable tax liens to attach to ERISA-qualified pension plan interests after Patterson v. Shumate.LawMadigan, Amy
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