Bankruptcy Developments Journal 2001 - Abstracts

Bankruptcy Developments Journal 2001
An analysis of state-wide variation in bankruptcy rates in the United States.(personal bankruptcy)LawWeiss, Lawrence A., Bhandari, Jagdeep S., Robins, Russell
A tug of war: state divorce courts versus federal bankruptcy courts regarding debts resulting from divorce.LawFinkelstein, Alyson F.
Preventing voluntary and involuntary bankruptcy petitions by limited liability companies.LawFielding, Michael D.
Section 525(a) of the Bankruptcy Code and sovereign immunity: the Supreme Court's creation of a super creditor.LawTimko, James A.
Serial Chapter 11 filings: finding method in the madness.LawCohen, Neil S.
Text and context: discerning the basis for debtor's attorneys' fees under Chapter 7 and 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.LawMinias, Joseph Gleason
The battle of authority between the FCC and the bankruptcy courts.LawMarton, Miriam H.
The constitutionality of Section 106: a historical solution to a modern debate.(Bankruptcy Code)LawSender, Eric R.
The death of consumer bankruptcy in the United States?LawTabb, Charles Jordan
The dischargeability of student loans: an undue burden?LawFrattini, Jennifer L.
The impact of bankruptcy on patent and copyright licenses.LawMills, Aleta A.
The new European law on international insolvencies: a German perspective.LawLueke, Wolfgang
The price of doing business: environmental criminal fines and the administrative expense solution.LawDeSimone, Susan R.
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