Brookings Papers on Economic Activity - Abstracts

Brookings Papers on Economic Activity
A Bayesian learning model fitted to a variety of empirical learning curves.(includes comment and general discussion)EconomicsGriliches, Zvi, Jovanovic, Boyan, Nyarko, Yaw
Addressing the quality change issue in the Consumer Price Index.EconomicsMoulton, Brent R., Moses, Karin E.
A price target for U.S. monetary policy? Lessons from the experience with money growth targets.EconomicsKuttner, Kenneth N., Friedman, Benjamin M.
Brazil's incomplete stabilization and reform.(economic reforms)EconomicsDornbusch, Rudi
Can families smooth variable earnings?(US labor market)EconomicsGruber, Jonathan, Dynarski, Susan
Capital flows to developing economies: implications for saving and investment.EconomicsCollins, Susan M., Bosworth, Barry P.
China's emergence and prospects as a trading nation. (includes bibliography)EconomicsNaughton, Barry
Comment and discussion (2).(a response to article by Edward J. Lincoln in this issue, p. 347)EconomicsFreidman, Benjamin M.
Comment and discussion (3).(response to article by William G. Gale and John Sabelhaus in this issue, p. 181)EconomicsHall, Robert E.
Comment and discussion.(response to article by Barry P. Bosworth and Susan M. Collins in this issue, p. 143)EconomicsReinhart, Carmen M.
Comment and discussion.(response to article by J. Bradford Delong in this issue, p. 225)EconomicsSims, Christopher A.
Comment and discussion.(response to article by Robert J. Gordon in this issue, p. 297)EconomicsStock, James H.
Comments and discussion (2).(response to article by Richard N. Cooper in this issue, p. 89)EconomicsTarullo, Daniel K., Williamson, John
Comments and discussion.(response to an article by Jason Furman and Joseph E. Stiglitz in this issue, p. 1)EconomicsBosworth, Barry P.
Comments and discussion.(response to article by David E. Bloom and Jeffrey D. Sachs in this issue, p. 207)EconomicsCollier, Paul
Comments and discussion.(response to article by Lawrence F. Katz and Alan B. Krueger in this issue, p. 1)EconomicsBurtless, Gary, Dickens, William T.
Comments and discussion.(response to article by Paul R. Krugman in this issue, p. 137)EconomicsDominguez, Kathryn M.
Currency crises and collapses.EconomicsDornbusch, Rudi, Valdes, Rodrigo O., Goldfajn, Ilan
East Asian liberalization, bubbles, and the challenge from China. (includes bibliography)EconomicsPark, Yung Chul
Economic crises: evidence and insights from East Asia.EconomicsStiglitz, Joseph E., Furman, Jason
Economic growth in East Asia: accumulation versus assimilation. (includes comments)(includes bibliography)EconomicsCollins, Susan M., Bosworth, Barry P.
Economic reform and the process of global integration.EconomicsSachs, Jeffrey D., Warner, Andrew
Economic transition in Eastern Germany. (includes related article discussing main article)EconomicsDornbusch, Rudi, Wolf, Holger, Alexander, Lewis
Efficiency in manufacturing and the need for global competition.(includes comments and general discussion)EconomicsScherer, F.M., Baily, Martin Neil, Gersbach, Hans
Equipment investment and economic growth: how strong is the nexus? (includescomments)EconomicsSummers, Lawrence, De Long, J. Bradford
Europe's gamble.(European monetary unification)EconomicsObstfeld, Maurice
Exporters, jobs, and wages in U.S. manufacturing: 1976-1987.(includes comment and general discussion)EconomicsBernard, Andrew B., Jensen, J. Bradford, Lawrnce, Robert Z.
Financial crises in emerging markets: the lessons from 1995.EconomicsVelasco, Andres, Tornell, Aaron, Sachs, Jeffrey D.
Foundations of the goldilocks economy: supply shocks and the time-varying NAIRU.(nonaccelerating inflation rate of of unemployment)EconomicsGordon, Robert J.
Geography, demography and economic growth in Africa.EconomicsSachs, Jeffrey D., Bloom, David E.
Growing world trade: causes and consequences.EconomicsKrugman, Paul
Hours reductions as work-sharing.EconomicsHunt, Jennifer
How much do immigration and trade affect labor market outcomes?EconomicsBorjas, George J.
How to stabilize: lessons from post-communist countries.EconomicsJohnson, Simon, Boone, Peter, Aslund, Anders
Hunting for Homo Sovieticus: situational versus attitudinal factors in economic behaviour. (includes related article providing comments on the main article)EconomicsWinter, Sidney G., Shiller, Robert J., Boycko, Maxim, Korobov, Vladimir, Schelling, Thomas
International currency experience: new lessons and lessons relearned.EconomicsObstfeld, Maurice
It's baaack: Japan's slump and the return of the liquidity trap.EconomicsKrugman, Paul
Japan and the Asian economies: a "miracle" in transition. (includes bibliography)EconomicsIto, Takatoshi
Japan's financial problems.EconomicsLincoln, Edward J.
Lessons from East Asia and the Pacific Rim.EconomicsFischer, Stanley
Lethal model 2: the limits to growth revisited. (includes comments)EconomicsNordhaus, William D.
Lost jobs.EconomicsHall, Robert E.
Macroeconomic aspects of social security reform.EconomicsDiamond, Peter A.
Macroeconomic implications of variation in the workweek of capital. (includes comments and discussions)(includes bibliography)EconomicsShapiro, Matthew D.
Official creditor seniority and burden-sharing in the former Soviet bloc. (includes related article discussing main article)EconomicsRogoff, Kenneth, Bulow, Jeremy, Collins, Susan, Bevilacqua, Afonso S.
Old dogs and new tricks: determinants of the adoption of productivity-enhancing work practices.(includes comment and general discussion)EconomicsShaw, Kathryn, Ichniowski, Casey, Crandall, Robert W.
Participation and productivity: a comparison of worker cooperatives and conventional firms in the plywood industry.(includes comment, general discussion and author's response)EconomicsCraig, Ben, Pencavel, John, Farber, Henry, Kreuger, Alan
Perspectives on the household saving rate.EconomicsGale, William G., Sabelhaus, John
Plant-level adjustment and aggregate investment dynamics.EconomicsCaballero, Ricardo J., Engel, Eduardo M.R.A., Haltiwanger, John C.
Prospects for Russia's economic reforms. (includes comments)EconomicsLipton, David, Sachs, Jeffrey D.
Public resistance to indexation: a puzzle.(indexation of payments)EconomicsShiller, Robert J.
Regional evolutions.EconomicsKatz, Lawrence F., Blanchard, Olivier Jean
Self-control and saving for retirement.(with comments and discussion)EconomicsLaibson, David I., Repetto, Andrea, Tobacman, Jeremy
Should capital controls be banished?EconomicsCooper, Richard N.
Should we fear deflation?EconomicsDelong, J. Bradford
Some missing elements. (in the conditions for economic development)EconomicsLincoln, Edward J.
Stabilization and economic reform in Russia. (includes related article providing comments on the main article)EconomicsSummers, Lawrence, Fischer, Stanley, Nordhaus, William
Stock ownership patterns, stock market fluctuations, and consumption.EconomicsPoterba, James M., Samwick, Andrew A.
Systematic monetary policy and the effects of oil price shocks.EconomicsGertler, Mark, Bernanke, Ben, Watson, Mark
The buffer-stock theory of saving: some macroeconomic evidence. (includes comments)EconomicsCarroll, Christopher D.
The East Asian financial crisis: diagnosis, remedies, prospects.(with comments and discussion)EconomicsSachs, Jeffrey D., Radelet, Steven
The growth of nations.EconomicsMankiw, N. Gregory
The high-pressure U.S. labor market of the 1990s.EconomicsKrueger, Alan B., Katz, Lawrence F.
The information-integrated channel: a study of the U.S. apparel industry in transition.(includes comments and general discussion)EconomicsWeil, David, Bresnahan, Timothy F., Pashigian, B. Peter, Abernathy, Frederick, Dunlop, John T., Hammond, Janice H.
The macroeconomics of low inflation.EconomicsAkerlof, George A., Dickens, William T., Perry, George L.
The medium run.(business cycles and development in Europe and North America)EconomicsBlanchard, Oliver J.
The political economy of fiscal adjustments.(with comments and discussion)EconomicsAlesina, Alberto, Perotti, Roberto, Tavares, Jose
The transformation of the U.S. banking industry: what a long, strange trip it's been.EconomicsBerger, Allen N., Kashyap, Anil K., Scalise, Joseph M.
The unofficial economy in transition.(Eastern European and former Soviet Union countries)EconomicsJohnson, Simon, Kaufmann, Daniel, Shleifer, Andrei
The wealth dynamics of American families, 1984-94.(with comments and discussion)EconomicsHurst, Erik, Stafford, Frank P., Ming Ching Luoh
Understanding the postwar decline in U.S. saving: a cohort analysis.EconomicsGokhale, Jagadeesh, Kotlikoff, Laurence J., Sabelhaus, John
U.S. money demand: surprising cross-sectional estimates. (includes comments)EconomicsMulligan, Casey B., Sala-I-Martin, Xavier
What do cross-country studies teach about government involvement, prosperity, and economic growth?EconomicsSlemrod, Joel
What does monetary policy do? (statistical technique for modelling policy and effects)(includes comments and discussions)(includes bibliography)EconomicsSims, Christopher A., Leeper, Eric M., Zha, Tao
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