Cancer 1991 - Abstracts

Cancer 1991
AuthorNumber of publications
Charles G. Moertel3
Cora N. Sternberg3
Daniel J. Schaid3
David H. Johnson6
David V. Schapira3
Delano M. Pfeifle3
Erik Dabelsteen3
F. Anthony Greco5
Gary H. Lyman4
George J. Bosl4
Giulio J. D'Angio4
Gordon F. Vawter3
Herbert M. Reiman3
James E. Krook3
John D. Hainsworth5
John P. Greer3
Keizo Sugimachi5
Masaki Mori3
Nagi B. Kumar3
Nancy L. Geller4
Patricia Norkool3
Per S. Thrane3
William C. Wood4
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