Co-Ed - Abstracts

240-Robert.General interestHerz, Peggy
5 top models show you their favorite hair styles.General interest 
Avon does it again. (Avon Futures Circuit-tennis)General interest 
Burt Reynolds: a sensitive superstar.General interestRonan, Margaret
Co-ed shows you how to be a supersport.General interest 
Erik Estrada: zooms his way to the top!General interestHerz, Peggy
From fat girl... to super model!General interest 
Have you heard about Shaun Cassidy?General interest 
Meet Charla Houston.General interest 
Speak out on: interracial dating.General interest 
Steve Martin.General interestHerz, Peggy
The makings of a winner. (beauty tips)General interest 
Three cheers for the 1979 cover girls.General interest 
Where I should be.General interest 
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