Cosmetics and Toiletries 1997 - Abstracts

Cosmetics and Toiletries 1997
Broad Spectrum Sun Protection: the Issues and Status.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesEvison, Jane
FDA Approves Avobenzone in Sunscreen Formulations.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesBrewster, Bud
Formulation of Sun Protection Emulsions with Enhanced SPF Response.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFloyd, D.T., Macpherson, B.A., Bungard, A., Jenni, K.R.
ICI Acquires Unilever's Speciality Chemicals Business.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesBrewster, Bud
Octyldodecyl Neopentanoate.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesR. Macchio, Cernasov, Mesiha, M., Plakogiannis, F., Sidhom, M.
Photocatalytic Activity of Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesKobayashi, Masaru, Kalriess, William
Photostability of Cosmetic Ingredients on the Skin.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesRieger, Martin M.
SC Water-Binding Capacity.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesMaibach, Howard I., Bettinger, Joerg
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