Cosmetics and Toiletries 2001 - Abstracts

Cosmetics and Toiletries 2001
A daily dose of vitamins.(Stanley Home Products's Luminosa line)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Amphoteric hydroxy complexes: AHAs with reduced stinging and irritation.(alpha hydroxy acid)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesKraechter, Hans Udo, McCaulley, James A., Edison, Brenda, Green, Barbara, Milora, David J.
A systematic approach to cosmetic patch development.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesJeong, Seong Hoon, Cho, Wan Goo, Choi, Jong Kun, Ryoo, Je Phil
Building Effective Vendor Relationships.(Vendors and cosmetics scientists colloborate)(Brief Article)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSchueller, Randy, Romanowski, Perry
Chitosan - multi-functional marine polymer.(includes related article)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesDee, Gary J., Rhode, Oliver, Wachter, Rolf
Clearing up questions in skin treatment.(Products from Rodan and Fields)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Color cosmetics take center stage.(Column)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesAllured, Nancy
Computerized measurement and correction of color cosmetics.(Brief Article)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesMorante, Nick, Axelrod, Stuart
Computer-Supported Formulation of Oxidative Hair Dyes.(synthetic and natural dye materials)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesNerenz, H., Huppmann, P., Schrader, K.
Cosmetics from the sea.(Interview)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Cyclic testing: demonstrating conditioner benefits in damaged hair.(Brief Article)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesHornby, Sidney B.
Development of New Cosmetic Silicones for Foundation Formulations.(silicone-grafted acrylic copolymers and silicone gelling agents)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesOno, Ichiro
D-Tagatose, a novel humectant and sweetner for toothpastes.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesLu, Youngming
Efficacy testing of a brown seaweed extract.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesBennett, Suellen, Vallee, Romuald
Establishing the dividing line: is your product a drug?(Brief Article)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesButa, Robert J., Trager, Philip G., Murphy, Edward J.
Evaluating claim substantiation data: separating marketing hype from reality.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Exploring marine-derived ingredients for personal care.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFenical, William
Extracellular matrix and aging: a review of mechanisms and interventions.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesRobert, L.
Fighting wear and tear.(Professional Beauty Products' products)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Focus on technology transfer.(Column)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesPlonsker, Larry
Focus on technology transfer.(licensing in cosmetics technology industry)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesPlonsker, Larry
Formulating with natural ingredients.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesDweck, Anthony C.
Formulation approaches to interference pigments.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesLinz, Phil
INCI names: differences between the US and the EU.(International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient, European Union)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesCanterbery, Renae C.
Influence of a formulation's pH on cutaneous absorption of ascorbic acid.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSilva, Gisele Mara, Campos, Patricia M.B.G. Maia
Literature and patent review: analytical and test methodologies 1990-2000, part I.(Brief Article)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFox, Charles
Mineral oil myths and cosmetic formulation.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Monitoring Adherence and the Efficacy of Cosmetic Products.(Electronic monitoring, new method of adherence measurement)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesMaibach, Howard I., Koehler, Almuth M.
Patch testing vs in vitro alternatives.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesDewitt-Barlow, Barrie, Marshall, Laura, McPherson, J.
PEG/PPG Dimethecone: A new name for an old friend.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesO'Lenick, Anthony J. Jr.
Photostability of Menthyl Anthranilate in Different Formulations.(Menthyl anthranilate used as effective UVA absorber)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesOzer, Ozgen, Menemenlioglu, Dilsen, Ertan, Gokham
Pigmentation, swelling and wrinkling in the eye area.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesDraelos, Zoe Diana
PIT Microemulsions with low surfactant content.(Phase Inversion Temperature)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSchmidt, T., Diec, K.H., Eithrich, A., Sokolowski, T., Schreiber, J.
Preservative efficacy testing of aqueous cosmetics and drugs without counting colonies.(Brief Article)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesOrth, D.S., Delgadillo Eck, K.S.
Properties of a pseudoceramide multilamellar emulsion in vitro and in vivo.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesPark, Byeong Deog, Kim, Yoon, Lee, MyungJin, Youm, Jong Kyung, Jeong, Sekyoo, Choi, Eung Ho, Lee, Seung Hun
Recent development in gemini surfactants.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesRosen, Milton J.
Reflecting on light in color cosmetics.(includes related article)(Product Announcement)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesBrewster, Bud
Reflections on skin care.(Dermablend adds three products to Reflections skincare line)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Shave down your shaving time.(Andrew Jergens Co.'s Naturally Smooth Shave Minimizing Moisturizer)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Site sensitivity of non-erythematous irritation.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesMaibach, Howard I., Charbonnier, Veranne
Skin and skin care.(extracellular oxygen and UV-induced photoaging processes)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFox, Charles
Skin and skin care.(Potential impact of antibacterial soap washing)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFox, Charles
Skin and skin care.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFox, Charles
Skin and skin care.(UV Protection)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries 
Skin barrier function: effects of moisturizers.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesLoden, Marie
Skin-whitening agents.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesMaibach, Howard I., Zhai, Hongbo
Specialty Esters for Aqueous Systems.(New specialty esters used in skin care and hair preparations)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesGarruto, John A.
Stretching the Skin Surface:.(Skin Elasticity)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesWickett, R. Randall
Sun damage from glycolic acid use.(Brief Article)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesTsai, Tsen-Fang, MD
Surfactants and interfacial phenomena in cosmetics and detergency.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSomansundaran, P., Zhang, Lei, Lou, Anjing
Technically speaking.(skin care, hair care and toiletries)(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesFox, Charles
The Cosmetic Regulation of Argentina.(XV Latin American Congress of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists )Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSteinberg, David C.
The inhibition of metalloproteinases by Macrocystis pyrifera extract.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesAnsaldi, Anthony, Bosmann, Daniel
The new Japanese cosmetic regulations.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesSteinberg, David C.
The synergistic antioxidative effect of ascorbyl 2-phosphate and alpha-tocopheryl acetate.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesJentzsch, Axel, Streicher, Harald, Engelhart, Karin
Treating dark under-eye circles with topical vitamins A and K.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesGhosh, Dipak, Elson, Melcin L., Nacht, Sergio
Understanding factors that influence emulsion instability: Stokes' Law.Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesKlein, Ken
Whitening efficacy of frequently used whitening ingredients.(Statistical Data Included)Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industriesZuidhoff, H.W., Rijsbergen, J.M. van
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