Criminology - Abstracts

Challenges for multilevel models of school disorder: response to Hoffmann and Johnson.LawWelsh, Wayne N., Jenkins, Patricia H., Greene, Jack R.
Comment on Chamlin and Cochran. (response to Mitchell B. Chamlin and John K. Cochran, Criminology, vol. 33, p. 411, 1995)LawJensen, Gary F.
Comment on Paternoster and Brame.LawBritt, Chester L.
Conceptualizing legaly relevant factors under guidelines: a reply to Ulmer.LawGainey, Randy R., Engen, Rodney L.
Controlling crime and achieving justice - the American Society of Criminology 1996 Presidential Address.(Transcript)Law 
Different definitions, different modeling decisions, and different interpretations: a rejoinder to Lauritsen.(response to article by Janet L. Lauritsen in this issue, p. 687)LawJang, Sung Joon
Limitations in the use of longitudinal self-report data: a comment.(response to article by Sung Joon Jang in this issue, p. 643)LawLauritsen, Janet L.
Missing time-series data and the impact of sentencing guidelines in Minnesota: can the debate be adjudicated?LawLand, Kenneth C., McCleary, Richard
Multilevel influence on school disorder: a comment on Welsh, Green and Jenkins.(Statistical Data Included)LawHoffmann, John P., Johnson, Robert A.
Our American society of criminology, the world, and the state of the art - the American Society of Criminology 1995 presidential address.LawAdler, Freda
Reliability and validity of a self-control measure: rejoinder. (response to article by Alex R. Piquero and Andre B. Rosay in this issue, p 157-173)LawStein, Judith A., Longshore, Douglas, Turner, Susan
Reply to Jensen. (response to article by Gary F. Jensen in this issue, p. 129)LawChamlin, Mitchell B., Cochran, John K.
Theory without ideas: reply to Akers. (response to article by Ronald Akers in this issue, p. 229)LawHirschi, Travis
The reliability and validity of Grasmick et al.'s self-control scale: a comment on Longshore et al. (response to article by Douglas Longshore, Susan Turner and Judith Stein, Criminology, vol. 42, p. 209-228, 1996)LawPiquero, Alex R., Rosay, Andre B.
The rules have changed - so proceed with caution: a comment on Engen and Gainey's method for modeling sentencing outcomes under guidelines.(Statistical Data Included)LawUlmer, Jeffery T.
The uncertain timing of innovations in time series: Minnesota sentencing guidelines and jail sentences - a comment.LawMarvell, Thomas B., Moody, Carlisle E.
Thoughts on the future of criminology - the American Society of Criminology 1998 Presidential Address.LawZahn, Margaret A.
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