De Economist 2000 - Abstracts

De Economist 2000
An earned income tax credit in the Netherlands: simulations with the MIMIC model.EconomicsGraafland, Johan J., Oers, Floor M. van, Mooij, Ruud A. de, Boone, J.
Can openness help make a miracle?(international trade and economic growth)EconomicsHouse, Brett
Comovements in international stock markets: What can we learn from a common trend-common cycle analysis?EconomicsHecq, A., Palm, F.C., Urbain, J.P.
Do firms time their pollution abatement investments optimally?EconomicsBouman, M., Gautier, P.A., Hofkes, M. W.
Dutch economic growth in comparative-historial perspective, 1500-2000.EconomicsDe Vries, Jan
Endogenous comparative advantages in developing economies.EconomicsLejour, Arjan, van Steen, Guido, Timmer, Hans
From 'golden age' to 'golden age'. An introduction tot he role of the Netherlands in economic science and economic history.EconomicsDavids, Karel
In search of verae causae: the Keynes-Tinbergen debate revisited.EconomicsJolink, Albert
Measuring productivity in the 'new economy': towards a European perspective.EconomicsArk, Bart van
Mercantilism and imperialism in the rise and decline of the Dutch and British economies 1585-1815.EconomicsO'Brien, Patrick
On the cutting edge between policy and academia: Challenges for public economists.EconomicsBovenberg, Lans
On the dynamics of trade patterns.EconomicsBrasili, Andrea, Epifani, Paolo, Helg, Rudolfo
Patterns of trade growth across cones.EconomicsDeardorff, Alan V.
Post-war European economic development a an out of equilibrium growth path. The case of the Netherlands.EconomicsLuiten van Zenden, Jan
Search channel use and firms' recruitment behavior.EconomicsRietveld, Piet, Russo, Giovanni, Nukamp, Peter, Gorter, Cees
Taxing energy to improve the environment: efficiency and distributional effects.EconomicsHeijdra, Ben J., Horst, Albert van der
The Dutch transportation system in the nineteenth century.EconomicsFremdling, Rainer
The equilibrium rate of unemployment in the Netherlands.EconomicsBroer, D.P., Draper, D.A.G., Huizinga, F.H.
The industrial revolution and the Netherlands: Why did it not happen?EconomicsMokyr, Joel
The influence of government policies on informal labor: Implications for long-run growth.EconomicsIhrig, Jane, Moe, Karine S.
World Trade Organization and the failure of Seattle.EconomicsKeyzer, Michiel, Merbis, Max
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