European Trends - Abstracts

European Trends
1994 M&A roundup: a year of retrenchment. (merger and acquisition activity within Europe during 1994)Business, internationalHolmes, Garrick
1995: a banner year for European M&A. (European merger and acquisition activity during 1995)Business, internationalHolmes, Garrick
1996 and all that: making Europe work.Business, internationalBradshaw, Jeremy
A new era for rail freight?(European railways)Business, internationalRobins, Nick
Belarus at the crossroads.Business, internationalGray, Patrick, Gershtein, Yefim
Business prospects in Ukraine.Business, internationalBlanchard, Gerry
Commentary: a crowded agenda. (the European Union's intergovernmental conference must find a solution to the Union's cumbersome decision-making process)Business, internationalJenkins, Charles
Commentary: energy and the single market.Business, international 
Commentary: Europe draws together.Business, internationalJenkins, Charles
Commentary: how the single currency is already reshaping Europe.Business, internationalJenkins, Charles
Commentary. (the European Parliament should do more to ease the situation in the former Yugoslavia)Business, internationalJenkins, Charles
Commentary: the forthcoming IGC must explain the EU to its citizens.Business, internationalJenkins, Charles
Competition policy.Business, internationalDenton, Ross
Competition policy.Business, internationalDenton, Ross
Competition policy. (European Commission publishes green paper on merger control)Business, internationalDenton, Ross
Competition policy. (European Community's competition policy)Business, internationalSpearing, Nicholas
Competition policy.(European Union)Business, internationalDenton, Ross
Competition policy. (European Union renews cooperation pact)Business, internationalSpearing, Nicholas
Critical issue: Institutional reform and the IGC.(European Union intergovernmental conference)Business, international 
Energy deregulation: a change of course. (European Union energy legislation)Business, internationalBony, Elizabeth de
Enlargement and CAP reform. (European Union's Common Agricultural Policy)Business, internationalCaspari, Conrad
Environment report.Business, international 
Environment report. (an overview of environmental issues being considered by the European Union)Business, international 
Environment report. (environment issues within the European Community)Business, international 
Environment report.(European Union environment policy)Business, international 
Environment report. (latest developments in European Union's environmental protection work)Business, international 
Environment report. (recent environmental issues within the European Union)Business, international 
Europe awaits the information society.Business, internationalTaylor, Bob
External relations.Business, international 
External relations. (European Communities' external relations)Business, international 
External relations.(European Union)Business, international 
External relations. (recent developments in the European Community's external relations)Business, international 
External relations. (review of European Union's external agenda)Business, international 
External relations. (The Cannes summit)Business, international 
Internal market and sectoral issues.Business, international 
Internal market and sectoral issues. (developments in the single market within the European Union)Business, international 
Internal market and sectoral issues.(European single market)Business, international 
Internal market and sectoral issues. (latest developments in European Union legislation)Business, international 
Internal market and sectoral issues. (the European Union's internal markets)Business, international 
Internal markets and sectoral issues. (an overview of recent commercial and industrial developments involving the European Commission)Business, international 
Prospects for monetary union. (monetary union within the European Community)Business, internationalJohnson, Christopher
Recent cases in European law.Business, international 
Recent cases in European law.Business, international 
Recent cases in European law.Business, international 
Recent cases in European law. (European Court of Justice)Business, international 
Recent cases in Europen law. (the European Court of Justice clarifys the EU's position in the new World Trade Organisation)Business, international 
Regulating Europe's information highways.Business, internationalDowning, Robbin
Regulating Europe's telecommunications: the need for a rethink.Business, internationalBarran, Neil
Setting up a European works council.Business, internationalKazimirski, Marione
Social protection on Europe - national perogative or an EU concern?Business, internationalKendall, Vivienne
Subsidiarity and its effects on business. (the principle of subsidiarity within the European Community)Business, internationalPollet, Ken
TENs cost hundreds of billions. (European Community plans trans-European networks)Business, internationalMcDonald, Robert
The European institutions.(European Union institutions)Business, international 
The future of EU environmental policy.Business, internationalWebb, Adrian
The Turkey-EU customs union.Business, internationalToksoz, Mina
The UK and Europe: an alternative white paper.Business, internationalRiley, Alan
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