Housing - Abstracts

1982 HFBL winners. (Homes for Better Living award)Construction and materials industriesGers, Barbara Behrens, Wagner, Jennifer
30 years of housing.Construction and materials industries 
Construction cost guide.Construction and materials industries 
Housing demand index.Construction and materials industriesGers, Barbara Behrens
Housing Magazine's 1982-83 buyers' guide.Construction and materials industries 
How to cultivate a winning image. (builder describes how they sell their homes)Construction and materials industriesGers, Barbara Behrens
HS fourth annual home-shopper survey, buyer preferences 1982. (survey on home buyers)Construction and materials industriesGers, Barbara Behrens
Passive design captures the public's eye. (solar energy architecture)Construction and materials industries 
Presenting HMX-1. (experimental house)Construction and materials industriesGerardi, Natalie
See soft suit trend growing.Construction and materials industriesTrachtenberg, J.A.
Taking advantage of the great outdoors. (interior decoration)Construction and materials industriesWagner, Jennifer A.
What a small builder can learn from a kitchen designer.Construction and materials industriesWillson, Steven
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