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In Health
A catalog of cures. (old Sears catalogs and mail-order remedies)Sports and fitnessSoliday, Donald
A change of heart. (lifestyle changes to prevent heart attacks)Sports and fitnessLeonard, George
Approximate sanity. (creativity and health)Sports and fitnessGold, Herbert
A slash in the brain pan. (relaxation machines)Sports and fitnessMcNichol, Tom
A sobering encounter. (intervention in addiction counseling)Sports and fitnessCarey, Benedict
Better! Stronger! Faster-acting! (pain relievers)Sports and fitnessMann, Charles, Plummer, Mark
Chocolate without chagrin. (includes recipes)Sports and fitnessStang, Kathleen
Clockwise exercise. (exercise at different times of day)Sports and fitnessDavis, Lisa
Dinner at the Bedside Cafe. (hospital food)Sports and fitnessLong, Patricia
Dressed for distress. (women's clothing anecdotes)Sports and fitnessSeligson, Susan
Eating by the book. (healthy eating in restaurants)Sports and fitnessRoach, Mary
Food news blues. (news reports of nutritional research)(includes articles on deciphering newspaper stories and Gallup poll results)Sports and fitnessSchmitz, Anthony
I'll have the Cessna. (world records for eating)Sports and fitnessMestel, Rosie
It's 3 a.m. Do you know where your deltoids are? (24-hour fitness centers)Sports and fitnessRoach, Mary
Laugh and your whole cardiovascular system laughs with you - not to mention your stress hormones.Sports and fitnessStone, Judith
Roasting with good reason. (roasting meats and potatoes)(includes recipes)Sports and fitnessKapoor, Sandy
Some call it kosher. (kosher food regulations)Sports and fitnessSchechter, Arnold
Stretched: short thoughts on a lengthy subject. (stretching exercises)Sports and fitness 
The case of the indecipherable infections.Sports and fitnessSilberner, Joanne
The case of the paralyzed travelers. (food poisoning)Sports and fitnessFranklin, Deborah
The daring young doctor and the dynamite drug. (discovery of medical uses for nitroglycerine)Sports and fitnessWarrick, Sheridan
The new abortionists.Sports and fitnessJapenga, Ann
The no-gimmick weight-loss plan. (burning off calories)Sports and fitnessMcCleary, Kathleen
The nose-job generation. (teenagers seeking plastic surgery)Sports and fitnessSharp, David
The open adoption option.Sports and fitnessGriffin, Katherine
The poison people. (New York Poison Control Center)(includes story on poisoning prevention)Sports and fitnessKohn, Howard
They're here! (killer bees)Sports and fitnessRoach, Mary
Touretting through Europe. (Tourette Syndrome)Sports and fitnessHandler, Lowell
TV or not TV. (influence of television)(includes related stories) (Cover Story)Sports and fitnessCooke, Patrick
Watch your mouth: if you want to keep your teeth. (gum disease)Sports and fitnessSharp, David
What a dump! (ridding homes of toxics)Sports and fitnessSharp, David
Why red wine lowers cholesterol.Sports and fitnessGriffin, Katherine, Franklin, Deborah
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