Industrial Development - Abstracts

Industrial Development
18th Annual Report - The Fifty Legislative Climates.Business, general 
A scan of Pacific potential. (industrial development)Business, generalConway, H. McKinley
Aspects of design and construction in Europe. (business projects in Western Europe)Business, generalKramer, Klaus
Balancing energy conservation with other building goals.Business, generalSealey, John C.
Disposing of excess real estate: techniques and considerations.Business, generalBolan, Lewis
Energy potentials and policy decisions: where America should be headed.Business, generalMitchell, George P.
IDRC: A Review of Services for the Facility Planner.Business, generalWood, A.R.
Industrial opportunities in West Berlin.Business, generalFrankl, Wolfe J.
Information for what? A closer look at high tech.Business, generalParry, Charles W.
Inside the revolution: facility planning at Apple.Business, generalDeVaughn, Stanley W.
IRBs Can Be Cost Effective.Business, generalFyffe, D.E.
Managing corporate real estate as a profit center.Business, generalBehrens, Alfred H.
Oil and gas: Soviet energy management.Business, generalGuber, Alexander
The Audubon Energy Plan.Business, generalPaulson, Glenn
The fifty legislative climates. (economic policy of 50 states)Business, general 
The fifty legislative climates. (industrial development)Business, general 
The national water supply: its impact on availability and cost of water.Business, generalJohnson, Steven L., Winslow, David E.
The use of comprehensive profit and loss statement in site selection.Business, generalSeelig, M. Donald
The year in review. (legislation pertaining to real estate development for 1983)Business, general 
Will mainland China emerge as a new hub of private enterprise?Business, generalConway, McKinley
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