Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science - Abstracts

Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science
Biological correlates of social support and pressure at work in managers.Psychology and mental healthBernin, P., Theorell, T., Sandberg, C.G.
Constraint, alcoholism, and electrodermal response in aversive classical conditioning and mismatch novelty paradigms.Psychology and mental healthFinn, Peter R., Justus, Alicia N., Mazas, Carlos, Rorick, Linda, Steinmetz, Joseph E.
Eyeblink classical conditioning differentiates normal aging from Alzheimer's disease.Psychology and mental healthWoodruff-Pak, Diana S.
Heart rate variability during sympatho-excitory challenges: comparison between spontaneous and metronomic breathing.Psychology and mental healthPatwardhan, Abhijt, Evans, Joyce, Bruce, Eugene, Knapp, Charles
The color-vision approach to emotional space: cortical evoked potential data.Psychology and mental healthBoucsein, Wolfram, Schaefer, Florian, Sokolov, Evgeni N., Schroder, Christina, Furedy, John J.
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