International Journal of Market Research 2005 - Abstracts

International Journal of Market Research 2005
An empirical comparison of methods to measure willingness to pay by examining the hypothetical bias.Business, internationalBackhaus, Klaus, Wilken, Robert, Voeth, Markus, Sichtmann, Christina
Can we learn together?(market learning involving consumers)Business, internationalBaker, Susan, Roberts, Deborah, Walker, David
Cluster sampling: a false economy?Business, internationalZelin, Andrew, Stubbs, Roger
Comparing data from online and face-to-face surveys.Business, internationalBremer, John, Terhanian, George, Smith, Kate, Duffy, Bobby
Experimental methods in market research.Business, internationalRyals, Lynette, Wilson, Hugh
Global socio-economic levels.(TGI Global Socio-Economic Levels)Business, internationalWicken, Geoff, Staveren, Martin van, Dinning, Andrea
'Hidden' opportunities and benefits using web-based business-to-business surveys.Business, internationalGrant, David B., Teller, Christoph, Teller, Wolfgang
Identifying the influence of product design and usage situation on consumer choice.Business, internationalFuente, Jaime Romero de la, Guillen, Maria Jesus Yague
Impact of personal orientation on luxury-brand purchase value.Business, internationalTsai, Shu-pei
Knowledge uncertainty paradox or paradigm?Business, internationalPalmer, Roger
Maintaining research standards.Business, internationalPhilips, Adam
Measuring the hidden power of emotive advertising.Business, internationalHeath, Robert, Hyder, Pam
The development of a segmentation of the baby milk market.Business, internationalHindmarch, Julie, Wells, Chrissie, Price, Fidelma
The effect of covering letter personalization in mail surveys.Business, internationalGendall, Philip
The influence of media on advertising effectiveness.Business, internationalBreivik, Einar, Nysveen, Herbjorn
The mind versus market share guide to brand equity.Business, internationalNancarrow, Clive, Tinson, Julie, Baker, Colin
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