International Journal of Market Research 2008 - Abstracts

International Journal of Market Research 2008
Do data characteristics change according to the number of scale points used? An experiment using 5-point, 7-point and 10-point scales.(Report)Business, internationalDawkes, John
Facebook: the future of networking with customers.(Viewpoint)Business, internationalPoynter, Ray
Fifty years using the wrong model of advertising.(Report)Business, internationalHeath, Robert, Feldwick, Paul
Food for thought.(Forum)(food marketing)(Report)Business, internationalStrachan, Juliet, Pavie-Latour, Vincent
How did the MRS Journal start?(Commentary)(International Journal of Market Research)Business, internationalDownham, John
Improved scale development in marketing: an empirical illustration.(Report)Business, internationalBoshoff, Christo, Terblanche, Nic S.
Marketing research in Japan: from its emergence to the present.(Report)Business, internationalKobayashi, Kazuo, Synodinos, Nicolaos
Web surveys versus other survey modes: a meta-analysis comparing response rates.(Report)Business, internationalHaas, Iris, Manfreda, Katja Lozar, Bosnjak, Michael, Berzelak, Jernej, Vehovar, Vasja
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