International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 1996 - Abstracts

International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 1996
A comparison of treatment outcomes between adolescent rapists and child sexual offenders.Psychology and mental healthHagan, Michael P., Cho, Meg E.
A criminological study of the use of intensive correction orders in Victoria, Australia.Psychology and mental healthTomaino, John, Kapardis, Andreas
A forensic day treatment program for personality-disordered criminal offenders. (Holland)Psychology and mental healthDerks, Frans C.H.
An evaluation of a family-centered cognitive skills program for prison inmates.Psychology and mental healthKlein, Shirley R., Bahr, Stephen J.
An evaluation of a group treatment program for incarcerated male batterers.Psychology and mental healthWolfus, Beverly, Bierman, Ralph
Axis II comorbidity in forensic patients with antisocial personality disorder.Psychology and mental healthHillbrand, Marc, Kozmon, Alexis H., Nelson, Christine W.
Catathymic violence, dissociation, and adoption pathology: implications for the mental status defense.Psychology and mental healthKirshner, David, Nagel, Linda
Characteristics of perpetrators with histories of sexual abuse.Psychology and mental healthRomano, Elisa, DeLuca, Rayleen V.
Clinical risk factors associated with parasuicide in prison.Psychology and mental healthIvanoff, Andre, Smyth, Nancy J., Jang, Sung Joon
Content stability in the repertory grid: an examination using a forensic sample.Psychology and mental healthHorley, James
Crime and penal policy in the socialist African Republic of Tanzania.Psychology and mental healthArthur, John A.
Death by inmate: multiple murder in a maximum security prison.Psychology and mental healthPalermo, George B., Palermo, Mark T., Simpson, Douglas J.
Demographic and parental characteristics of youthful sexual offenders.Psychology and mental healthAscione, Frank R., Graves, Roger B., Openshaw, D. Kim, Ericksen, Susan L.
Dionysus: twice born; and offenders?(Editorial)Psychology and mental healthScott, Edward M.
Early court adjudication of juvenile offenders: giving the data another chance. (response to an article by W.K. Brown, T.P. Miller, R.L. Jenkins and W.A. Rhodes, International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, vol. 35, p. 296)Psychology and mental healthMohr, Philip B., Morgan, Frank H.
Editorial: offenders and their victims: and the harlequin?(Editorial)Psychology and mental healthScott, Edward M.
Editorial: when a corpse is not dead?Psychology and mental healthScott, Edward M.
Examination of the MMPI-A for the assessment of psychopathy in incarcerated adolescent male offenders. (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-Adolescent)Psychology and mental healthPatrick, Christopher J., Hume, Marie Perry, Kennedy, Wallace A., Partyka, David J.
Fearful custodial or fearless personal relations: prison guards' fear as a factor shaping staff-inmate relation prototype.Psychology and mental healthCohen, David, Ben-David, Sarah, Silfen, Peter
Guest editorial: a personal position on the treatment of individuals who commit sexual offenses.(Editorial)Psychology and mental healthKear-Colwell, Jon J.
Modern applications of traditional sanctions.Psychology and mental healthLund, Dennis W.
Moral problem solving among inmates in a maximum security correctional institution.Psychology and mental healthCraig, Richard D., Truitt, Kenneth
Paroxetine and offenders: a pilot study.Psychology and mental healthKinzie, J. David, Hancey, James, Wilson, William, Hartner, John
Predictive validity. (The Psychological Inventory of Criminal Thinking Styles, part 3)Psychology and mental healthWalters, Glenn D.
Prevalence of childhood conduct and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders in adult maximum-security inmates.Psychology and mental healthVitelli, Romeo
Reasoning and rehabilitation in Britain: the results of the Straight Thinking on Probation (STOP) Programme.Psychology and mental healthRaynor, Peter, Vanstone, Maurice
Reflections on the sociodemographic and medicolegal profiles of female criminal defendants.Psychology and mental healthAderibigbe, Yekeen A., Arboleda-Florez, J., Crisante, Annette
Relationships among prison adjustment, beliefs, and cognitive coping style.Psychology and mental healthSappington, Andrew A.
Resocializing young offenders in the kibbutz. (Israel)Psychology and mental healthGeiger, Brenda, Fischer, Michael
The attitude of kibbutz youth to rape: myth versus reality.Psychology and mental healthShoham, Efrat
The childhood victimization of sex offenders: an underestimated issue.Psychology and mental healthGraham, Kevin R.
The impact of an antiamphetamine law on juvenile delinquency in Taiwan.Psychology and mental healthWu, Bohsiu
Transient population, crime, and solution: the Chinese experience.Psychology and mental healthSitu, Yingyi, Liu, Weizheng
Violence in the institution.Psychology and mental healthSchneider, Hans Joachim
Work and gender issues in secure juvenile delinquency facilities.Psychology and mental healthPelletier, Daniel, Coutu, Sylvain, Lamonde, Annie
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