International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 1998 - Abstracts

International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 1998
A closer look at sex offender character pathology and relapse prevention: an integrative approach.Psychology and mental health 
An evaluation of the implementation of a specialized treatment of sexual offenders program.Psychology and mental healthHageman, John T., Sigler, Robert T.
An evaluation of the Relationship Enhancement Program with prisoners and their wives.Psychology and mental healthAccordino, Michael P., Guerney, Bernard, Jr.
An experimental test of chemical dependency therapy for jail inmates.Psychology and mental healthDugan, John R., Everett, Ronald S.
A psychometric typology of child abusers.Psychology and mental healthBeech, Anthony R.
A qualitative assessment of the pains experienced on electronic monitoring. (punishment for criminal offenders)Psychology and mental healthGainey, Randy R., Payne, Brian K.
Constructing a rehabilitative reality in special religious wards in Israeli prisons.Psychology and mental healthTimor, Uri
Determinants of expectation of treatment efficacy among incarcerated substance abusers.Psychology and mental healthLemieux, Catherine M.
Do coping styles influence the way we judge criminal offenses? A preliminary investigation.Psychology and mental healthGlicksohn, Joseph, Golan, Hilla, Krasner, Eti
Drugs in Thailand: assessing police attitudes.Psychology and mental healthCheurprakobkit, Sutham, Kentee, Pornchai, Vaughn, Michael
Editorial: Rites of Passage.Psychology and mental healthPalermo, George B.
Engendering the courts in Papua New Guinea.Psychology and mental healthBanks, Cyndi
Guangxi on the precipice: drug abusers behavior and the nascent spread of HIV in one Chinese region.Psychology and mental healthAnderson, Allen F., Hua, Xu
Incarceration and learned helplessness.Psychology and mental healthMarcus, David K., Schill, Richard A.
Loneliness in a maximum-security forensic hospital: an experience sampling analysis.Psychology and mental healthHillbrand, Marc, Phelps, Donald C., Jr., Waite, Bradley M.
Matricide: a paradigmatic case in family violence.Psychology and mental healthSilberstein, Jose Alejandro
Neutralisation as a process of graduated desensitisation: moral values of offenders.Psychology and mental healthMcCarthy, Jennifer G., Stewart, Anna L.
Nonattenders and attrition from a forensic psychology outpatient service.Psychology and mental healthDalton, Rita, Major, Sarah, Sharkey, Maire
Plea bargaining: injustice for all?Psychology and mental healthPalermo, George B., White, Maxine Aldridge, Wasserman, Lew A., Hanrahan, William
Plea bargaining. (pros and cons)(Editorial)Psychology and mental healthSlovenko, Ralph
Quality of life and psychological well-being of mentally disordered offenders after court diversion: a 6-month follow-up. (alternatives to incarcertion)Psychology and mental healthChung, Man Cheung, Cumella, Stuart, Wensley, James, Easthope, Yvette
Rape law reform in Canada: the success and limits of legislation.Psychology and mental healthTang, Kwong-leung
State-trait anger expression inventory scores of male sexual offenders.Psychology and mental healthDalton, John E., Blain, Gerald H., Bezier, Brian
The psychology of Thai delinquent youth: a study of self-perception, ego defense, and personality traits.Psychology and mental healthTori, Christopher D., Emavardhana, Tipawadee
The structure of antisocial attitudes among violent and sexual offenders.Psychology and mental healthKroner, Daryl G., Mills, Jeremy F.
The use of the psychopathy checklist-revised (PCL-R) and Rorschach in treatment planning with antisocial personality disordered patients.Psychology and mental healthGacono, Carl B.
Time series and correlational analyses of inmate-initiated assaultive incidents in a large correctional system. (methods for studying prison violence)Psychology and mental healthWalters, Glenn D.
Variables related to recidivism among juvenile offenders.Psychology and mental healthMyner, Julye, Snatman, Jennifer, Cappelletty, Gordon G., Perlmutter, Barry F.
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