International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 2000 - Abstracts

International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 2000
A 30-month follow-up of court-referred batterers in four cities.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental health 
A cross-national examination of the relationship between gender equality and official rape rates.Psychology and mental healthAustin, Roy L., Kim, Young S.
A drug court process evaluation: methodology and findings.Psychology and mental healthLogan, T.K., Williams, Katie, Leukefeld, Carl, Minton, Lisa
Altruistic activity as correctional treatment.Psychology and mental healthToch, Hans
An analysis of predictors of child sex offender types using presentence investigation reports.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthDanni, Kristin A., Hampe, Gary D.
Antisocial and psychopathic personality disorders: causes, course, and remission - a review article.Psychology and mental healthMartens, Willem H. J.
A piece of my mind: reflections from sunny Italy.Psychology and mental healthPalermo, George B.
Associate editor's editorial: laziness, criminality, and schizophrenia.Psychology and mental healthHankoff, L.D.
Associate editor's editorial: should we be treating substance-abuse offenders?Psychology and mental healthWalters, Glenn D.
Associations between trait anger and aggression used in the commission of sexual offenses.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthSmallbone, Stephen W., Milne, Lynley
A trauma-focused individual therapy approach for adolescents with conduct disorder.Psychology and mental healthGreenwald, Ricky
A typology of correctional officers.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthFarkas, Mary Ann
Battered children, medical forensic aspects: a 20 year review from Eastern Hungary, 1963-1983.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthBuris, Laszlo, F., Posta, Janos, Buris, Laszlo, Darok, Mario, Gorombey, Steve
Comparison of offenders with early- and late-starting antisocial behavior in Colombia.Psychology and mental healthKlevens, Joanne, Restrepo, Ofelia, Roca, Juanita, Martinez, Adriana
Controlling transnational corporations: the role of governmental entities and grassroots organizations in combating white-collar crime.Psychology and mental healthGerber, Jurg, Jensen, Eric L.
Cultural stereotypes and the justice system: the Canadian case of R. v. Ewanchuk.Psychology and mental healthTang, Kwong-leung
Female gang affiliation: knowledge and perceptions of at-risk girls.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthWang, John Z.
Gender difference in mentally ill offenders: a nationwide Japanese study.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthXie, Liya
Guest editorial: how treatable are untreatable forensic psychiatric patients?(Editorial)Psychology and mental healthMartens, Willem H.J.
Guest editorial: judging the progress of psychology in corrections - the verdict is not good.(Editorial)Psychology and mental healthBrodsky, Stanley L.
Helping the mentally ill in jails adjust to community life: a description of a postrelease ACT program and its clients.Psychology and mental healthLurigio, Arthur J., Fallon, John R., Dincin, Jerry
Idiographic use of the MMPI-2 in the assessment of dangerousness among incarcerated felons.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthWeiss, Joshua M.
Importation and deprivation explanations of juveniles' adjustment to correctional facilities.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthMacKenzie, Doris Layton, Gover, Angela R., Armstrong, Gaylene Styve
Incidence of law-violating behavior in a community sample of children and adolescents with traumatic brain injury.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthLuiselli, James K., Arons, Michelle, Marchese, Nina, Potoczny-Gray, Andrea, Rossi, Erika
Job satisfaction of mental health professionals providing group therapy in state correctional facilities.Psychology and mental healthFerrell, Sean W., Morgan, Robert D., Winterowd, Carrie L.
Juvenile crime and responses to delinquency in Hong Kong.Psychology and mental healthWong, Dennis S.W.
Locus of control, causal attributions, and self-esteem: a comparison between prisoners.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthBlatier, Catherine
Methadone clients, crime, and substance use.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthPatterson, Susan, Lennings, C.J., Davey, Jeremy
Offence type and the experience of loneliness.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthRokach, Ami
Organization of ownership and workplace theft in China.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthZhang, Lening, Messner, Steven F., Zhou, Dengke, Liska, Allen E., Krohn, Marvin D., Liu, Jianhong, Lu, Zhou
Preliminary validation of the Narcissistic Personality Inventory-juvenile offender.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthCalhoun, Georgia B., Glaser, Brian A., Stefurak, Tres, Bradshaw, Catherine P.
Psychopathy among Mexican American gang members: a comparative study.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthValdez, Avelardo, Kaplan, Charles D., Codina, Edward
Rehabilitation in the new machine? Exploring drug and alcohol use and variables related to success among DUI offenders under electronic monitoring - some preliminary outcome results.Psychology and mental healthCourtright, Kevin E.
Sexual homicides and their classification according to motivation: a report from Argentina.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthFolino, Jorge Oscar
Stigmatizing the stigmatized: a note on the mentally ill prison inmate.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthEdwards, K. Anthony
The battered wife's perception of the characteristics of her encounter with the police.Psychology and mental healthShoham, Efrat
The effectiveness of rehabilitation with persistently violent male prisoners.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthWang, Eugene W., Owens, Ronald M., Long, Shaun A., Diamond, Pamela M., Smith, Jason L.
The effects of maltreatment and family structure on minor and serious delinquency.Psychology and mental healthHeck, Cary, Walsh, Anthony
The impact of juvenile justice reforms in India.Psychology and mental healthKethineni, Sesha, Klosky, Tricia
The impact of sex-offender community notification on probation/parole in Wisconsin.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthZevitz, Richard G., Farkas, Mary Ann
The proportions of different types of sex offenders and the degree of difficulty in treating them: a comparison of perceptions by clinicians in Taiwan and Michigan.Psychology and mental healthLin, Min-chieh Jay, Maxwell, Sheila R., Barclay, Andrew M.
The quality of perceived parenting and its association with peer relationships and psychological distress in a group of incarcerated young offenders.Psychology and mental healthChambers, Julie A., Power, Kevin G., Loucks, Nancy, Swanson, Vivien
The self and the psychology of domestic homicide-suicide.Psychology and mental healthStarzomski, Andrew, Nussbaum, David
The Stitiching Ambulante Preventie Projecten (STAPP) method: a comparative study of recidivism in first offenders in a Dutch outpatient setting.(Foundation for Ambulatory Prevention Projects)(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthRuddijs, Frans, Timmerman, Harrie
The treatment of pedophiles: clinical experience and the implication of recent research.Psychology and mental healthKear-Colwell, Jon, Boer, Douglas P.
The two faces of the correctional role: an exploration of the value of the correctional role instrument.Psychology and mental healthHemmens, Craig, Stohr, Mary K.
The use of reinforcement and punishment on incarcerated and probated substance-abusing juvenile offenders.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthTsytsarev, Sergei, Manger, Jennifer, Lodrini, Deborah
Understanding the experience of house arrest with electronic monitoring: an analysis of quantitative and qualitative data.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthGainey, Randy R., Payne, Brian K.
Weapon ownership and the willingness to respond to threats with violence: the United States and Japan.Psychology and mental healthFriday, Paul C., Dussich, John P.J., Okada, Takayuki, Yamagami, Akira
Who is more dangerous? Comparing the criminality of adult homless and domiciled jail inmates: a research note.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental healthDeLisi, Matt
Wrapped in silence: psychotherapists and confidentiality in the courtroom.(Statistical Data Included)Psychology and mental health 
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