Issues in Accounting Education - Abstracts

Issues in Accounting Education
Accounting educator's opinions about ethics in the curriculum: an extensive view.(Report)Social sciencesBlanthorne, Cindy, Kovar, Stacy E., Fisher, Dan G.
Accounting faculty perceptions regarding diversity issues and academic environment.(Report)Social sciencesWeisenfield, Leslie W., Robinson-Backmon, Ida B.
Actions speak louder than words: a case study on Mexican corporate governance.(Case study)Social sciencesAusten, Lizabeth A., Reisch, John T., Sese, Larry P.
A history of U.S. higher education in accounting, part II: reforming accounting within the academy.(Accounting Education Change Commission)(Report)Social sciencesVan Wyhe, Glenn
A history of U.S. higher education in accounting, part I: situating accounting within the academy.Social sciencesVan Wyhe, Glenn
An empirical assessment of the rise and fall of accounting as an academic discipline.Social sciencesFogarty, Timothy J., Markarian, Garen
Balancing tax and financial reporting objectives: effective tax planning within the property and casualty insurance industry.Social sciencesSeida, Jim A., Randolph, David W.
Beijing biotechnology company: financial reporting issues of expansion to the west.(Case study)Social sciencesMcConomy, Bruce J., Xu, Bijia
Besser Pharma: international accounting for pensions.(Case study)Social sciencesStreet, Donna L., Geary, K. Michael
China Eastern Airlines: People's Republic of China Accounting Standards, International Financial Reporting Standards, or U.S. Generally Accepted Accounging Principles?(Case study)Social sciencesHaverty, John L.
Computone Corporation: an instructional case in earnings management and revenue recognition.Social sciencesStallworth, H. Lynn, Braun, Robert L.
Economic experiments for the management accounting classroom.(management control)(Report)Social sciencesYoung, Richard A., Wallin, David E., Schwartz, Steven T.
Educational assessment and the AACSB.(Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)Social sciencesShaftel, Timothy L., Shaftel, Julia
Europe's Enron: Royal Ahold, N.V.(Case study)Social sciencesKnapp, Michael C., Knapp, Carol A.
Falcon, Inc.: performance evaluation of foreign subsidiaries.Social sciencesGovindarajan, Vijay, Gujarathi, Mahendra R.
Financial reporting challenges in a global reporting environment - the case of SAP.(Case study)Social sciencesBeckman, Judy K., Eierle, Brigitte, Eisenrieder, Kathrin
GlaxoSmithKline Plc.: international transfer pricing and taxation.(Case study)Social sciencesGujarathi, Mahendra R.
Identifying and coping with balance sheet differences: a comparative analysis of U.S., Chinese, and French oil and gas firms using the "statement of financial structure".(Case study)Social sciencesStolowy, Herve, Ding, Yuan, Entwistle, Gary M.
Identifying and evaluating audit issues: the case of VITALOGISTICS.(Case study)Social sciencesAsare, Stephen Kwaku, Wright, Arnold M.
Improving performance in accounting: evidence for insisting on cognitive conflict tasks.Social sciencesBorthick, A. Faye, Springer, Carol W.
International consulting income: an investigation of the tax implications of a U.S. indivdual working in Canada.(Case study)Social sciencesWilkinson, Brett R., Noga, Tracy J.
International financial reporting - inventory costing at Exxon and BP.(Case study)Social sciencesMoreland, Keith A.
International transfer pricing and intellectual property: the PrimeCo Case.(Case study)Social sciencesMyring, Mark J., Bloom, Robert
International transfer pricing at Marks Pharmaceuticals: a tax and financial accounting perspective.(Case study)Social sciencesWilkinson, Brett R., Noga, Tracy J., Ford, Caroline O.
Investigating the effects of group response systems on student satisfaction, learning, and engagement in accounting education.(Report)Social sciencesWebb, Alan, Carnaghan, Carla
Lessons for the classroom from Luca Pacioli.Social sciencesSangster, Alan, Stoner, Gregory N., McCarthy, Patricia A.
Making the right comparisons: Novartis AG.(Case study)Social sciencesHenry, Elaine, Yang, Ya-Wen
Megascreens USA Inc. - a foreign operations case.(Case study)Social sciencesPurvis, S.E.C., Carslaw, Charles A.
On using journal rank to proxy for an article's contribution or value.(Report)Social sciencesChow, Chee W., Haddad, Kamal, Singh, Gangaram, Wu, Anne
Reliance Corporation: inventory write-downs and reversals.(Report)Social sciencesKohlbeck, Mark, Gujarathi, Mahendra R.
Shedding light on the AICPA work/life and women's initiative research: what does it mean to educators and students?(American Institute of Certified Public Accountants)Social sciencesAlmer, Elizabeth Dreike, Single, Louise E.
Sink or swim: textbook reading behavior of introductory accounting students.Social sciencesPhillips, Fred, Phillips, Barbara J.
Students' approaches to learning.Social sciencesDuff, Angus, McKinstry, Sam
Svenka Handelsbanken: controlling a radically decentralized organization without budgets.(Case study)Social sciencesLindsay, R. Murray, Libby, Theresa
Tax implications of participating in reality television.Social sciencesRicketts, Robert C., Lightner, Teresa
The matrix format income statement: a case study about earnings management and reporting financial performance.(Case study)Social sciencesvan Zijl, Tony, Bradbury, Michael E., Woodliff, David R., Hancock, Phil, Tarca, Ann, Brown, Philip R.
The relationship between moral reasoning and plagiarism in accounting courses: a replication study.Social sciencesBaker, C. Richard, Abdolmohammedi, Mohammed J.
Understanding accounting for business combinations: an instructional resource.Social sciencesNurnberg, Hugo, Sweeney, Jan
Using active student-centered learning-based instructional design to develop faculty and improve course design, delivery, and evaluation.Social sciencesLavoie, David, Rosman, Andrew J.
Using case materials to research professional standards on revenue recognition issues.Social sciencesMintz, Steven M., Krishnan, Sudha
Weak signal: evidence of IFRS and U.S. GAAP convergence from Nokia's 20-F reconciliations.(International Financial Rporting Standards and United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)(Case study)Social sciencesHenry, Elaine, Lin, Stephen W., Yang, Ya-wen
Women and men in accounting textbooks: exploring the hidden curriculum.(Report)Social sciencesTietz, Wendy M.
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