Jane's Intelligence Review 2001 - Abstracts

Jane's Intelligence Review 2001
AuthorNumber of publications
Anders Strindberg3
Anthony Davis13
Chris Aaron3
Daniel Sobelman3
Daphne Biliouri4
David Eshel11
Dodge Billingsley4
Ed Blanche29
Hazhir Teimourian3
Kevin O'Brien3
Mark Galeotti15
Neil Barnett3
Paul Harris4
Peter Chalk6
Rahul Bedi4
Roger Davies4
Rohan Gunaratna13
Sean Boyne3
Tamara Makarenko11
Tim Ripley5
Tom Fawthrop3
Trifin J. Roule3
T.S. Gopi Rethinaraj3
Zoran Kusovac8
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