Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing - Abstracts

Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing
An integrative research review: effective school-based childhood overweight interventions.(healthy lifestyle education, dietary habits and physical activity)Science and technologyCole, Kristen, Waldrop, Julee, D'Auria, Jennifer, Garner, Heather
Assessing emergency preparedness of families caring for young children with diabetes and other chronic illnesses.Science and technologyStallwood, Lynda G.
Enhancing intervention fidelity: a means of strengthening study impact.Science and technologyRew, Lynn, Horner, Sharon, Torres, Rosamar
Formula supplemented with Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) and Arachidonic Acid (ARA): a critical review of the research.Science and technologyWright, Kristen, Coverston, Catherine, Tiedeman, Mary, Abegglen, Jo Ann
Methods of continuing professional education preferred by Irish pediatric nurses.Science and technologyDoyle, Carmel
Pouring rights contracts and childhood overweight: a critical theory perspective.Science and technologyOpalinski, Andra
Recruitment and retention of Latino adolescents to a research Study: lessons learned from a randomized clinical trial.Science and technologyEakin, Brenda L., Villarruel, Antonia M., Jemmott, Loretta S., Jemmott, John B.
Relationship between caregiver knowledge and socioeconomic factors on glycemic outcomes of young children with diabetes.Science and technologyStallwood, Lynda
Results of an asthma disease management program in an urban pediatric community clinic.(Children's Asthma Disease Management Program)Science and technologyNewcomb, Patricia
Stimulant medications: a trade-off? The lived experience of adolescents With ADHD.(attention deficituhyperactivity disorder)Science and technologyMeaux, Julie B., Hester, Carla, Smith, Billy, Shoptaw, Amy
The effects of weapons of mass destruction on children.Science and technologyMueller, Carolyn R.
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