Journal of Bank Research - Abstracts

Journal of Bank Research
A case study of geographic deregulation: the new Illinois Bank Holding Company Act.BusinessKolari, James, Di Climente, John
A Comment on Implementing Mean-Variance Theory in the Selection of U.S. Government Bond Portfolios.BusinessMcCallum, J.S.
A Comment on Optimizing Municipal Bond Bids.BusinessBierman, H.Jr.
Aggregate Bank Portfolio Statistics: Do They Tell Us Anything?BusinessHicks, S.S.
A Manpower Sizing and Resource Allocation Model for Commercial Lending.BusinessZoltners, A.A.
A national survey study of bank services and prices arrayed by size and structure.BusinessRose, Peter S., Kolari, James W., Riener, Kenneth W.
An economic analysis of short-run fluctuations in Federal Reserve wire transfer volume.BusinessReichert, Alan K., Strauss, William, Merris, Randall C.
A note on Eurodollar borrowing by U.S. banks: derivation of Reg D equation.BusinessThottathil, Pelis
ATMs, POS and home banking developments in Japan. (Japanese automated teller machines, point of sale operations, and home banking systems)BusinessAoki, Tatsuo
Bank holding company de novo entry and banking market performance.BusinessRose, John T., Savage, Donald T.
Bank Profitability and the Threat of Entry.BusinessHannan, T.
Branch Banking and the State/National Charter Decision.BusinessRose, J.T.
Cheque truncation in Belgium. (check clearing systems in Belgium)BusinessBarbe, Henri-Jean
Commercial banks and the consumer services revolution. (deregulation in the banking industry and broadening the funding base of banks)BusinessEvans, John J.
Concentration and competition in banking.BusinessSchuster, Leo
Conjoint measurement of consumers' preferences for multiattribute financial services.BusinessTeas, R. Kenneth, Deliva, W.L.
Consumer banking issues.BusinessSt. Germain, Fernand J.
Consumer perspective on payment systems. (automated check clearing and electronic transfers of funds)BusinessBrobeck, Stephen
Determinants of ATM Activity: The Impact of Card Base, Location, Time in Place and System.BusinessMurphy, N.B.
Determinants of stock repurchases by bank holding companies.BusinessThompson, G. Rodney, Billingsley, Randall S.
Deutsche Bundesbank and payment system risk in the Federal Republic of Germany.BusinessHartmann, Wendelin
Efficiencies in credit-based transfer systems. (banking automation in West Germany)BusinessStarke, Wolfgang
Efficiency and volatility in the Federal Funds markets.BusinessDyl, Edward A., Hoffmeister, J. Ronald
Entry and Performance in Financial Markets.BusinessMarlow, M.L.
Equity financing by banks in the Italian market: the 1980-1984 experience and new trends.BusinessCesarini, Francesco
Evolution of electronic payments and collections in the U.S. government.BusinessDouglas, William E.
EXPRESSEND: A Check Clearing Decision Support System for Endpoint Selection.BusinessDavis, S.G., Kochenberger, G.A., Reutzel, E.T.
Financial innovation, balance sheet cosmetics and market response: the case of equity-for-debt exchanges in banking.BusinessOwers, James E., Rogers, Ronald C., Murphy, Neil B.
Fixed-Rate Lending and Interest Rate Futures Hedging.BusinessJacobs, R.L.
Foreign Ownership of U.S. Banks: Trends and Effects.BusinessHoupt, J.A.
How Does Inflation Affect a BHC's Rate of Return?BusinessGiroux, G., Shearon, W., Grossman, S.
Intermarket bank expansions: implications for interstate banking.BusinessDuncan, F.H.
Investment potential of an individual retirement account.BusinessOwens, Robert W., Willinger, G. Lee
Italian banks and interest rate risk.BusinessGualandri, Elisabetta
It's the old time religion, but is it good enough for today? (adapting to new bank payment systems)BusinessMitchell, George W.
Large value payment systems. (electronic funds transfer systems) (speech before the International Symposium delivered by W. Robert Moore, executive with Chemical Bank of New York and chairman of S.W.I.F.T.) (transcript)BusinessMoore, W. Robert
Life cycle and the adoption of consumer financial innovation: an empirical study of the adoption process.BusinessRogers, Ronald C., Murphy, Neil B.
Listing and the liquidity of bank stocks.BusinessFraser, Donald D., Groth, John C.
Management transferability in rural banks.BusinessMyers, Forest E., Van Walleghem, Joe
Meeting the challenge of controlling banking costs and developing pricing strategies.BusinessSullivan, Barry F.
Meeting the needs of multinational corporations. (international business enterprises as banking industry consumers)BusinessLevel, Leon J.
Multibank Holding Companies: Recent Evidence on Competition and Performance in Banking Markets.BusinessRose, J.T., Curry, T.J.
Paper-based payments - a system in transition. (analysis of checking account usage in the U.S.)BusinessUrkowitz, Michael
Payments issues in the United Kingdom. (electronic funds transfer in Great Britain)BusinessChild, Denis M.
Payment system needs of corporations. (corporate banking)BusinessAppelman, Norman
Payment system risk in the United States.BusinessHeldring, Frederick
Payment systems in eleven developed countries. (research performed by the Bank for International Settlements)BusinessMorelli, G.
Payment systems over the next decade. (excerpted from Banking and Electronic Funds Transfers: A Study of the Implications)BusinessRevell, Jack R.
Profitability of small-business lending.BusinessChurchill, Neil C., Lewis, Virginia L.
Resource use in Federal Reserve check and ACH operations after pricing. (automated clearinghouse)BusinessHumphrey, David Burras
Similarities and contracts in payment systems. (international money transfers governed by the Bank for International Settlements)BusinessMitchell, George W.
Standby letters of credit: Are banks overextending themselves?BusinessGoldberg, Michael A., Llloyd-Davies, Peter R.
Strategies for the development of electronic systems. (banking industry computerization)BusinessHopper, Max
The cost of developing and implementing electronic payment systems. (bank transfers)BusinessWitt, Horst J.
The effect of barriers to entry on bank shareholder wealth: implications for interstate banking.BusinessBeatty, Randolph P., Reim, John F., Schapperle, Robert F.
The effect of bond deratings on bank stock returns.BusinessGlascock, John L., Davidson, Wallace N., III
The forces at work in the evolution of payment systems in the 1980s.BusinessDe Mattia, Renato
The impact of marketing operations on bank performance: a structural investigation.BusinessReidenbach, R. Eric, Moak, Donald L., Pitts, Robert E.
The Impact of Teller Turnover in Banking: First Appearances Are Deceiving.BusinessDalton, D.R., Krackhardt, D.M., Porter, L.W.
The measurement of interest-rate risk by financial intermediaries.BusinessDermine, Jean
The merger guidelines, concentration and excess capacity in local commercial banking markets.BusinessWelch, Patrick J., Naes, Jude L., Jr.
The Performance of First Pennsylvania Bank Prior to its Bail Out.BusinessSinkey, J.F.Jr.
The prediction of business failure at Rabobank. (Rabobank Nederland, The Netherlands)Businessvan Leeuwen, Peter H.
The role of the Bank of Canada in the Canadian payments system.BusinessDingle, James F.
The role of the Swiss National Bank in the payment system.BusinessMeyer, Hans
The smart card in France. (French bank credit cards)BusinessMoniez, Jean-Claude
The Swedish Postal Giro and its progress. (payment services offered by Sweden's postal system)BusinessHager, Karl Erik
The value of base rate options in the Eurocredit market.BusinessCornell, Bradford, Sand, Ole Christian
Valuing the core deposits of financial institutions: a statistical analysis.BusinessAnderson, Richard G., McCarthy, E. Jayne, Patten, Leslie A.
Why are some banks more profitable than others?BusinessWall, Larry
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