Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 1992 - Abstracts

Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 1992
A cross-sectional analysis of mutual funds' market timing and security selection skill.BusinessChen, Carl R., Rahman, Shafiqur, Lee, Cheng F., Chan, Anthony
An empirical investigation of factors affecting the earnings association coefficient.BusinessChaney, Paul K., Jeter, Debra C.
An examination of the impact of pollution performance on economic and market performance: pulp and paper firms.BusinessJaggi, Bikki, Freedman, Martin
Applying Margrabe's exchange option model to pricing proxy contests.BusinessHancock, G.D., Mukherjee, T.K.
Does the FASB listen to corporations? (Financial Accounting Standards Board)BusinessBrown, Lawrence D., Feroz, Ehsan H.
Economic consequences of pension policy deliberations (SFAS No. 87): an empirical assessment of debt-covenant hypothesis.BusinessSugrue, Timothy F., Gopalakrishnan, V.
Institutional bond pricing and information arrival: the case of bond rating changes.BusinessWansley, James W., Glascock, John L., Claurette, Terence M.
Investment behaviour and government tax policy: a survey of the largest UK firms.BusinessMorgan, Eleanor J.
Market segmentation and the residual demand for tax-exempt bonds: empirical evidence from the elimination of interest deductions.BusinessMcCue, Michael Joseph, Stevens, Jerry L.
Merger announcements, asymmetrical information, and trading volume: an empirical investigation.BusinessBolster, Paul J., Keown, A.J., Pinkerton, J.M.
Modelling growth in the annual earnings time series.BusinessMozes, Haim A.
New product innovations and stock price performance.BusinessDevinney, Timothy M., Chaney, Paul K.
The effects of predictability on stock price response to the financing decision.BusinessMoore, William T., Schadler, Frederick P.
The local versus the unbiased expectations hypothesis with discrete compounding.BusinessBrooks, Robert, Livingston, Miles
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