Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 2000 - Abstracts

Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 2000
A fundamental analysis approach to oil and gas firm valuation.BusinessQuirin, Jeffrey, J., Berry, Kevin T., O'Bryan, David
Alternative solutions to underinvestment, under equity and credit rationing.BusinessKroll, Yoram, Cohen, Assaf
An empirical analysis of exchange ratio determination models for merger: A note.BusinessBae, Sung C., Sakthivel, Sivagnanam
An empirical analysis of the bias and rationality of profit forecasts published in new issue prospectuses.BusinessCheng T.Y., Firth, Michael
A new stochastic duration based on the Vasicek and CIR term structure theories.BusinessWu, Xueping
An experimental study of auditor analytical review judgements.BusinessLin, Kenny Z., Fraser, Ian A.M., Hatherly, David J.
Discussion of acquisition-related provision-taking and post-acquisition performance in the UK prior to FRS7.BusinessGregory, Alan
Discussion of does the presence of venture capitalists improve the survival profile of IPO firms?BusinessKhurshed, Arif
Discussion of estimating the equity risk premium using accounting fundamentals.BusinessTippett, Mark
Discussion of restructuring and firm value: The Effects of profitability and restructuring purpose.BusinessStrong, Norman
Discussion of the increasing use of non-executive directors: Its impact on UK board structure and governance arrangements.BusinessConyon, Martin J.
Discussion of value relevance of mandated comprehensive income disclosures.BusinessO'Hanlon, John
Dividend stability, dividend yield and stock returns: UK evidence.BusinessGwilym, Owain Ap, Morgan, Gareth, Thomas, Stephen
Does the presence of venture capitalists improve the survival profile of IPO firms?BusinessJain, Bharat A., Kini, Omesh
Estimating the equity risk premium using accounting fundamentals.BusinessSteele, Anthony, O'Hanlon, John
Fixed asset revaluation and equity depletion in the UK.BusinessLin, Y.C., Peasnell, K.V.
Forecasting Beta: How well does the 'five-year rule of thumb' do?BusinessGroenewold, Nicolaas, Fraser, Patricia
Institutional investors, analyst following, and the January anomaly.BusinessAckert, Lucy F., Athanassakos, George
Intraday stock price reactions to interim-quarter versus fourth-quarter earnings announcements.BusinessLee, Jason, Park, Chul W.
Is beta dead or alive?BusinessHsia, Chi-Cheng, Fuller, Beverly R., Chen, Brian Y.J.
Optimal entrepreneurial financial contracting.BusinessMathur, Ike, Shahid Ebrahim, M.
Price dynamics and information flows in strategically-linked debt instruments: The NOB and MOB constituents.BusinessChristie-David, Rohan, Chaudhry, Mukesh, Chatrath, Arjun
Real options, (dis)investment decision-making and accounting measures of performance.BusinessStark, Andrew W.
Recognition versus disclosure: An investigation of the impact on equity risk using UK operating lease disclosures.BusinessBeattie, Vivien, Goodacre, Alan, Thomson, Sarah
Restructuring and firm value: The effects of profitability and restructuring purpose.BusinessKhurana, Inder K., Lippincott, Barbara
Sources of systematic risk in futures and spot markets: A study of market integration.BusinessMiffre, Joelle, Priestley, Richard
Stock market volatility in an emerging market: Further evidence from the Athens Stock Exchange.BusinessChortareas, Georgios E., McDermott, John B., Ritsatos, Titos E.
The determinants of implied volatility: A test using LIFFE option prices.BusinessCopeland, L., Poon, S.H., Stapleton, R.C.
The distributional characteristics of a selection of contracts traded on the London international financial futures exchange.BusinessCotter, John, McKillop, Donal G.
The gilt-equity yield ratio and the predictability of UK and US equity returns.BusinessHarris, Richard D.F., Sanchez-Valle, Rene
The increasing use of non-executive directors: Its impact on UK board structure and governance arrangements.BusinessYoung, Steven
The proof of the pudding: The effects of increased trade transparency in the London Stock Exchange.BusinessBoard, John, Sutcliffe, Charles
Value relevance of mandated comprehensive income disclosures.BusinessCahan, Steven F., Courtenay, Stephen M., Gronewoller, Paul L., Upton, David R.
Volatility spillovers between stock returns and exchange rate changes: International evidence.BusinessKanas, Angelos
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