Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 2001 - Abstracts

Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 2001
A binomial basis for the Cox, Ingersoll and Ross model of the term structure of interest rates.BusinessTippett, Mark, Rhys, Huw
A comparative analysis of earnings forecasts in Europe.(Brief Article)BusinessCapstaff, John, Paudyal, Krishna, Rees, William
Analysts' forecasts and the broker relationship.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessHoldkinson, Lynn
An analysis of transactions data for the Stock Exchange of Singapore: patterns, absolute price change, trade size and number of transactions.BusinessDing, David K., Lau, Sie Ting
Arbitrage, risk premium, and cointegration tests of the efficiency of futures markets.(Brief Article)BusinessChow, Ying-Foon
Are golden parachutes an optimal contracting response or evidence of managerial entrenchment? Evidence from successful takeovers.BusinessSubramaniam, Chandra
Cointegration, efficiency and forecasting in the currency market.BusinessTong, Wilson H.S.
Corporate restructurings: a comparison of equity carve-outs and spin-offs.BusinessHarden, J. William, Frank, Kimberley E.
Credit management: an examination of policy choices, practices and late payment in UK companies.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessPike, Richard, Cheng, Nam Sang
Determinants of capital structure and adjustment to long run target: evidence from UK company panel data.BusinessOzkan, Aydin
Effects of deposit insurance reform on moral hazard in US banking.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessOsborne, Dle K., Lee, Seokwon
Efficient Markets Hypothesis and the emerging capital market in Sri Lanka: evidence from the Colombo Stock Exchange - a note.BusinessAbeysekera, Sarath P.
Explaining intraday pattern of trading volume from the order flow data.BusinessLee, Yi-Tsung, Fok, Robert C.W., Liu, Yu-Jane
Fundamental information and monetary policy: the implications for earnings and earnings forecasts.BusinessDowen, Richard J.
Initial technical violations of debt covenants and changes in firm risk.BusinessHolder-Webb, Lori M., Wilkins, Michael S., Fargher, Neil L.
KLSE long run overreaction and the Chinese New Year effect.(Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange)BusinessHussain, Simon, Ahmad, Zamri
LDC credit-risk forecasting and banker judgement.BusinessSomerville, R.A., Taffler, R.J.
Mean reversion in the short horizon returns of UK portfolios.BusinessChelley-Steeley, Patricia
Political and regulatory risk in water utilities: Beta sensitivity in the United Kingdom.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessFraser, Patricia, Buckland, Roger
Professionalism vs commercialism: the association between non-audit services (NAS) and audit independence.(Brief Article)BusinessSharma, Divesh S., Sidhu, Jagdish
R&D intensity and corporate financial policy: some international evidence.(Brief Article)BusinessBah, Rahim, Dumontier, Pascal
Regulated managerial insider trading as a mechanism to facilitate shareholder control.BusinessZhang, Guochang
Relative performance evaluation of mutual funds: a non-parametric approach.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessChoi, Yoon K., Murthi, B.P.S.
Social and environmental disclosure and corporate characteristics: a research note and extension.BusinessGray, Rob, Javad, Mohammed, Power, David M., Sinclair, C. Donald
Stock dividend announcement effects in an imputation tax environment.(Brief Article)BusinessAnderson, Hamish, Cahan, Steven, Rose, Lawrence C.
Strategic auditing: an incomplete information model.(Brief Article)BusinessCheng, Peter, Childs, Bradley D., Sheng, William W.
Takeover prediction and portfolio performance, a note.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessPowell, Ronan G.
Tax clientele effects in the term structure of UK interest rates.(United Kingdom)BusinessLevin, Eric J., Wright, Robert E.
Testing efficiency across markets: evidence from the NCAA basketball betting market.(National Collegiate Athletic Association)BusinessColquitt, L. Lee, Godwin, Norman H., Caudill, Steven B.
The earnings information content of divident initiations and omissions.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessHo, Shih-Jen Kathy, Wu, Chunchi
The effect of earnings permanence, growth and firm size on the usefulness of cash flows and earnings in explaining security returns: empirical evidence for the UK.(Brief Article)BusinessCharitou, Andreas, Clubb, Colin, Andreou, Andreas
The effect of futures market volume on spot market volatility.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessBoard, John
The empirical distribution of UK and US stock returns.(Brief Article)BusinessHarris, Richard D.F., Kucukozmen, C. Coskun
The impact of receiving debtor-in-possession financing on the probability of successful emergence and time spent under Chapter 11 bankruptcy.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessElayan, Fayez A., Meyer, Thomas O.
The market valuation and trading volume effects of the creation of the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund on property-liability insurers.BusinessPacini, Carl, Marlett, David C.
The reversal of the Monday effect: new evidence from US equity markets.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessMehdian, Seyed, Perry, Mark J.
The sensitivity of tests of asset pricing models to the IID-normal assumption: contemporaneous evidence from the US and UK stock markets.(Brief Article)BusinessFraser, Patricia, Groenwold, Nicolaas
The valuation of deferred taxation: evidence from the UK partial provision approach.(Statistical Data Included)BusinessCitron, David B.
The value relevance of oil and gas disclosures: an assessment of the market's perception of firms' effort and ability to discover reserves.(Brief Article)BusinessBerry, Kevin T., Wright, Charlotte J.
Time diversification: empirical tests.BusinessStrong, Norman, Taylor, Nicholas
Valuation and cost of capital formulae with corporate and personal taxes: a synthesis using the Dempsey discounted dividends model.BusinessDempsey, Mike
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