Journal of Engineering for Industry - Abstracts

Journal of Engineering for Industry
A model of the sequential bending process for manufacturing simulation.Science and technologyHardt, D.E., Wright, A., Constantine, E.
An intelligent planning environment for automated dimensional inspection using coordinate measuring machines.Science and technologyChia-Hsiang Meng, Hong-Tzong Yau, Ching-Li Wong
A possibility of 1/f evaluation on surface finishes based on fluctuation behavior.Science and technologyShiraishi, M.
A review of jet assisted rock cutting.Science and technologyHood, M., Knight, G.C., Thimons, E.D.
Bearing nonlinearity and stability analysis in high speed machining.Science and technologyShin, Y.C.
Behavior of interface pressure distribution in a single bolt-flange assembly subjected to heat flux.Science and technologyItoh, S., Shiina, Y., Ito, Y.
CAE of mold cooling in injection molding using a three-dimensional numerical simulation. (computer-aided engineering)Science and technologyHimasekhar, K., Lottey, J., Wang, K.K.
Dynamic peripheral milling of flexible structures.Science and technologyAltintas, Y., Montgomery, D., Budak, E.
Friction behavior in the cup ironing process of aluminum sheets.Science and technologyWang, Z., Kawai, N., Dohda, K., Saito, M., Hayashi, N.
Hydrostatic ironing - analysis and experiments.Science and technologyTirosh, J., Iddan, D., Silviano, M.
Machining parameter optimization for specified surface conditions.Science and technologyJang, D.Y., Seireg, A.
On the dynamic characteristics of radial-axial ring rolling processes.Science and technologyChoi, H.D., Cho, H.S., Lee, J.S.
Optimization strategies for machine tool spindle-bearing systems: a critical review.Science and technologyBrandon, J.A., Al-Shareef, K.J.H.
Sensor synthesis for control of manufacturing processes.Science and technologyChryssolouris, G., Domroese, M., Beaulieu, P.
Tool temperatures in interrupted metal cutting.Science and technologyStephenson, D.A., Ali, A.
Use of audio signals for chatter detection and control.Science and technologySmith, S., Delio, T., Tlusty, J.
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