Journal of Health Economics 2007 - Abstracts

Journal of Health Economics 2007
Cigarette smoking and self-control.Health care industryKan, Kamhon
Does managed health care reduce health care disparities between minorities and Whites?Health care industryMcGuire, Thomas G., Cao, Zhun, Balsa, Ana I.
Efficient computation of partial expected value of sample information using Bayesian approximation.Health care industryBrennan, Alan, Kharroubi, Samer A.
Gatekeeping in health care.Health care industryStraume, Odd Rune, Brekke, Kurt R., Nuscheler, Robert
Geographically differentiated pay in the labour market for nurses.Health care industryBell, David, Roberts, Elizabeth, Elliott, Robert F., Ma, Ada H.Y., Scott, Anthony
Inequality and mortality: Long-run evidence from a panel of countries.Health care industryLeigh, Andrew, Jencks, Christopher
Money and mental wellbeing: A longitudinal study of medium-sized lottery wins.Health care industryOswald, Andrew J., Gardner, Jonathan
Predictability and predictiveness in health care spending.Health care industryMcGuire, Thomas G., Ellis, Randall P.
The economic consequences of health shocks: Evidence from Vietnam.Health care industryWagstaff, Adam
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