Journal of Information Systems - Abstracts

Journal of Information Systems
Accounting software assets: a valuation model for software.(Report)High technology industryBen-Menachem, Mordechai, Gavious, Ilanit
A draft of an information systems security and control course.High technology industryWalters, L. Melissa
An experimental study of multidimensional hierarchical accounting data: drill-down paths can influence economic decisions.(Report)High technology industryViator, Ralph E., Buchheit, Steve, Peng, Jacob
An extension of the REA framework to support balanced scorecard information requirements.(resource-event-agent)High technology industryChurch, Kim S., Smith, Rod E.
Assessing student learning outcomes in the introductory accounting information systems course using the AICPA's core competency framework.(American Institute of Certified Public Accountants)High technology industryDaigle, Ronald J., Hayes, David C., Hughes, K.E.
Creating a business process diagram and databse queries to detect billing errors and analyze calling patterns for cell phone service.High technology industryBorthick, A. Faye
Examining performance measurement from an integrated perspective.(Report)High technology industryBurney, Laurie L., Matherly, Michele
Feasibility of more frequent reporting: a field study informed survey of in-company accounting and IT professionals.(Survey)High technology industryChan, Siew H., Wright, Sally
Information technology capability: firm valuation, earnings uncertainty, and forecast accuracy.(Report)High technology industryAlam, Pervaiz, Wang, Li
Signal words and signal icons in application control and information technology exception messages - hazard matching and habituation effects.(Report)High technology industryAmer, T.S., Maris, Jo-Mae B.
System diagramming techniques: an analysis of methods used in accounting education and practice.High technology industryRichtermeyer, Sandra B., Bradford, Marianne, Roberts, Douglas F.
The effect of alternative procedural explanation types on procedural knowledge acquisition during knowledge-based systems use.High technology industrySutton, Steve G., Smedley, Georgia
The effects of information technology expertise on the market value of a firm.High technology industryKhallaf, Ashraf, Skantz, Terrance R.
The effects of user characteristics on query performance in the presence of information request ambiguity.High technology industryAshkanasy, Neal, Bowen, Paul L., Rohde, Fiona H., Alice Wu, Chiu Yueh
The evaluation of application controls in accounting software: a short instructional case.(Case study)High technology industryLehmann, Constance M., Heagy, Cynthia D., Norman, Carolyn Strand
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